Abby the big sister

So last night I wasn't feeling very well so I asked Abby if she could feed Ben for me while I went up stairs, she had no problems helping me out, she got right out of her chair and sat in my seat, it amazes me at how much she watches me, Ive never taught her how to feed Ben but she know you have to dip it in the food then feed him, he was unsure of her helpfulness so she would so, 
"open Ben, eat"
"Here you go Ben"

"a oh, mess"


A bunch of gibber, but I herd no no, eat, open and mess.
( I think she said no no Ben open your mouth stop sucking your thumbs and eat)
"here you go"
She even tried to wipe his mouth with his spoon, she was so cute, and she had a look of pride. I love her so much.

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Kami Essig said...

That is so cute! Love it.