OB Apointment 16+2 weeks

Well I had my first group OB Apointment yesterday. I enjoyed having 2 hours to myself and to be able to talk to people who are all due about the same time as me. They have it more organized and more privet then when I was in it with Abby.
Well I got to her baby B heart beat a nice strong 151, I have felt so good that sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant so to hear the little life that is growing in me still amazes me. My blood pressure was within the normal range. And my weight is good I have lost about 13 pounds since finding out I was preggo. And so far only gained about 2 pounds back. All my clothes still fit me but on pay day I'm am going to some thrift store to see if I can find some maternity shorts cause paying 40 for a pair of shorts seems a bit high for my budget.
I have read that baby B can now hear and can tell between light and dark. I still haven't felt defendant movements but it will happen soon enough.
I am so grateful to be pregnant and to know God trust me with another one of his kids to raise here on earth. I pray nightly to bless this baby to be a happy and healthy one just like Abby.



I had a good today but, my most favorite part of it all was when I was holding Abby in her chair singing to her, "I am a child of God" she stops squrming and lays there so peaceful she looked up to me tonight and just held my gaze for what seemed like forever, her eyes just seemed to say, "mom I love you so much" I didn't want to lay her in her bed I just wanted to stay in our quiet little world forever.



Well on May 25th 2010 my Abigail finally did her first steps! She is still very wobbly but she is trying to do it and doing very well. Yesterday she walked around 90% of the time, I would hold on to her tell her to go get me _______ and she would do it on her feet if she fell before she made it to the object she would crawl back to me and try again. I love it, but I am also sad she is growing up.
here is a video from yesterday, Ill try to get on with the video camera so it is better quality. Enjoy!