The First Birth

She cries out in joy
We have a boy
The struggle
The wait
It ended on this date
I see you coming
You appear before me
Your head so soft
Young and flimsy
I see your eyes
What a beautiful surprise
A smile so wide
It's so cheerful and kind
My son
You're a gift from the heavens
Once a soulless body
Now alive and hearty
Welcome to this land
I'm your father
Your dad
-Dustun Carlsen


Dad and Mom visit

This weekend was so much fun, I was able to have my mom and day come into town. Mom has been here a few times, but dad has not been able to get off work, so he has not been able to come. They came in on July 24 and left July 28th. (mom will be telling you the adventure of getting here) Dustun had to work the whole time they were here, so he missed out but we did get to go out and have lunch before he left for work.
Dad is not able to go on vacation very often, so he wanted to eat, sleep, go downtown, eat, and sleep. so that is what we did.

We went to the Alamo, and we went to the river walk and walked around and shopped, took the river boat ride. we ate at Rudy's, Mamma citas, at the river walk, and at Benihana. we watch movies, went up to the temple, and drove around a a bit.
I had so much fun having both mom and dad here to see where I live and what it is like.

I love my family so much and miss them terribly. I wish everyone would be able to come and visit us, if you ever want/need a vacation you are more then welcome to come here!


The birds and the bees, (Dustun and Crystal's way!)

This is some things Dustun and I had to do to get get pregnant, of course I would do it all again if needed

Took four years of trying, about 1400 pre-natel pills, at least 30 times of getting blood drawn, (my poor arm) 2 Hysterosalpingogram, (which made me sick and almost pass out both times) going in to have an ultrasound to see my follicles and eggs went in about 12 different times, I was able to go to Wilford Hall at Lackland to have all this done, I am so happy we got station here, so I didn't have to travel that far to get all that done, plus a table full of IVF drugs, Daily Shots (2/3 per day); about times 26, I hated doing them, Finally I have two cells 6 and 5, Grade B embryos, transferred on 5/3, then I had to do Progesterone-in-Oil IntraMuscular shot, nightly, about times 35 (ouch, dustun was so good, it never really hurt) I took about 20 Pregnancy test they kept saying pregnant I had never got that before I wanted to make sure. After all the praying, crying fasting me and my whole family did we have this:

a little baby Carlsen! Of course I'm crying I am so excited, happy and scared. I and everyone else are praying it stays growing healthy please, oh please. As of today I go into my 14 weeks of being pregnant!


13 weeks 6 day OB appt.

Today I had an OB appointment, they have started this new thing were it is a group appointment, so in my group there is 10 ladies, we are all about the same weeks. What we do is walk in, weigh our selves, do our blood pressure, then lay on the table for the doctor to listen for the heart rate, I personally don't like laying on the table with my pants pulled down to my pubic hair with NO privacy as the doctor smears goop and your belly, next time I am requesting they get some sort of screen to have some privacy.
Then we sit around a discus different things, which is nice to realize your not alone in fearing your boobs getting deflated after breastfeeding, or knowing that the vivid dreams you have are common, and other things.

We also filled out surveys, here are some random questions:
True or False-You must have intercourse frequently in order to become pregnant. FALSE
True or False- most women who are physically abused have done something to deserve it. umm False
True or False- Since men often leave their partner during pregnancy, it is important to have intercourse whenever he wants it. False
There was 35 questions total some weird like this and some not.

Well our little one has a nice strong heart beat (in the 150's) and is right on track, and mom is right on track with weight, BP, and fundal height. So far this pregnancy is here to stay. I should have a call soon, to schedule my ultrasound to make sure everything is looking correctly and to see if we can all find out if it is a boy or girl!!!
Well tomorrow I am at 14 weeks, moving right along!



Well if any of you who know me, know that I don't read, but lately I have been reading so much and I have really been enjoying it. I have a book shelf on my blog, once you go into you can see what I have read, what I am currently reading and what I plan to read. I would like to build it up so I have a bunch of different books.

I don't have a favorite type of book, as long as it sucks me in fairly quickly then I am good to go.

I would like you all to leave me a comment giving me a book or two I should add to my "need to read category "




Well we are back form Canyon Lake, we had so much fun, we got there, set up our tent (in daylight (Amanda) it is huge, I love it, then we went down to the water, and floated around, I got out and read while dustun floated. Then we got dried off, went to town got subways, and some munchies for me to snack on in the middle of the night, we came back and played connect four, dustun won, of course he always seems to beat me. then we read and looked at how beautiful a relaxing it WAS. Soon our neighbors who were drinking and loudly admitting they were wasted decided to park their cars and turn up the speakers so they could play some football, it was interesting watching them, then at 10:00 they stopped, like they were suppose to, so dustun and I headed to bed, soon they thought it was ok to turn up their speakers again, and be loud until probably 2:00, ( I was not happy, but what were we going to do? two of us 12 drunk pissed off people no thanks)
our other neighbors was a convey of US Marines, they were roughing it, they slept on the ground, no tent, and I don't think they had any bed pads or sleeping bag or anything. I was secretly hopping they would kick some loud butt for us, no such luck.

Dustun and I had a lot of fun even with our interesting neighbors, I think we will be going back soon!


*funny for the day*

As Dustun and I are getting ready to go to Canyon Lake for camping and swimming, I wanted to let you read something for today, I found this earlier and I think every women who has ever put a swimsuit on has has this conversion/thought. Enjoy!

WOMEN: Okay, we’re going swimming today. Which suit should I wear? I mean, the pink one makes my tummy look flat, but then it makes EVERYTHING look flat, so I could wear the red one, which adds a little to the bust, but doesn’t really cover my butt too well, so maybe I should wear the black one, even though that makes me look a little round in the middle, but it’s sort of sporty so maybe it’s okay.

Oops, haven’t shaved lately, I guess we should do a quick underarm shave–ouchies–check the bikini area–ooh, looks pretty bad, I guess I should wear the pink and black suit and toss on a swim skirt. Yeah, that’ll work, because that will cover the bikini line as well as my flabby bum. Oh, crud, I didn’t do any spray on tan this week, so I guess we’re going ghostly. Oh well. That’ll have to do, ’cause that stuff doesn’t work for a couple of hours. Maybe I will take another shower tonight, and do all the necessary shaving and spray some tan on tonight for when we go to the pool tomorrow.

Should I put my hair up, or leave it down? If I leave it down, it’s sure to get wet, which means I’ll have to wash all the chlorine out of it before I go to bed. I could wear it up, and just not put my head under, but it gets so tangly if it gets wet while up in a bun. I’m going to take a shower tonight anyway, though, to shave, so I’ll just put it up so the baby doesn’t pull on it, and just wash it again tonight.

Okay, what cover-up should I put on? I have a skirt that will work, but wait, I’m already wearing a swim skirt, so that will just look lame. Maybe I should put that dress thingie I bought, except that it sort of bled when I washed it, so it looks streaked. Would I look worse wearing a streaked cover-up, or walking to the pool in just what I’ve got? Maybe I should throw on a T-shirt, but then that looks like I’m not wearing anything at all underneath, which is just creepy when you’re pushing a stroller. Let’s go with no cover-up, and just pretend the swim skirt is enough. Who’s idea was it to go swimming anyways?

MEN: There’s my suit.(sniff) Smells okay.

Yup, still fits.

Oh yeah. (winking at reflection) Still got it.


The Dark Knight

Well dustun and I went to see The Dark Knight today, we went to a I-MAX theater well I thought that the theater was all I-MAX but apparently it only has few and the rest are just the regular screen, so when we got there all the I-MAX tickets were gone, well except the 3:30 am and the 6:15 am one. (umm no thanks) so we debated to we wait to see it in I-MAX or see it today, we decided we could not wait, so we saw it in regular screen. It was really good, my only complaint was with the AV nerds in charge of the sound, it was totally jacked up, and first just the right speakers worked, then they worked but it was so muffled you could barley hear it, then they turned it up and it had an echo, it finally got fixed but through out the movie it would slip into one of the modes, (grrrr).

The Joker was so creepy, he did a really good job, I hear he may get an Oscar I think he should. Batman was totally hot! mmm, he can save me any day :)

I think you should see it, I really enjoyed it and I am not much a Batman/superhero type of person.

Some crafts..

I love this, I think it it so funny!


13 weeks

Yesterday I officially entered my second trimester, I am excited as far as I have read this will be best time, morning sickness and extreme tiredness should go away. well my little one has a lot going on already it has become an individual, it has it own set of finger prints, the baby's intestines are migrating from the umbilical cord into his or her abdomen. The liver begins to secrete bile and the pancreas is even secreting insulin! All twenty teeth have formed and are waiting under the gums, our baby has begun to practice swallowing by taking in the surrounding amniotic fluid and pass it back in it's urine. Your baby can smile and it's vocal cords are quickly developing! Most of the vital systems are developed now, and baby starts really growing, at times, growing as much as an inch. (explains why I am so hungry all the time) currently our little peanut is almost 3 inches long and weighs about a half a ounce. If you ever want to watch some cool/weird things you should go to youtube and watch ultrasound videos, crazy that thing is doing it in my body now (crazy!)

Cheesecake Factory

Last night my friend invited me to go to the cheesecake factory with some ladies from our ward. I was so nervous I have only told a few people that I was pregnant and this was my first outing eating "real" food. There was 18 ladies in total, I had a lot of fun getting to know the new people and listening to every one conversions. I order the Chicken Piccata, (Sauteed Chicken Breast with Lemon Sauce, Mushrooms and Capers,Served with Angel Hair Pasta)It was really good, but I really didn't eat that much, Jennifer asked me if I liked it I said yes it was very good, she said, "then way are you picking at it?" I said, "well I am just getting off a 12 week fast" she looked at me crazy so then I leaned and and told her that it was morning sickness and that I was 13 weeks pregnant, She was like oh my gosh congratulations, well soon like all 18 girls heard that and was like congratulations, when are you due, is this your first, I knew you had the "glow" you know other things like that. So by Sunday I am sure it will be in the ward news. lol Like I told Amanda if I didn't want people to know I would have just told Jennifer that I just was getting over being sick, but I was waiting until my first trimester was over before I told my ward, so I guess I did!

No here is the pitfall of my pregnancy, as of now, sweets are a no no, dustun made me cookies I ate a half of one, and of any of you have ever had his cookies you know you cant do that! my sister brought me Old Grist mill cookies, mmm ya I ate one the rest are in the freezer. So being at the cheesecake factory where I normally love the cheese cake I wanted nothing, my friend let me have a bite of hers, it was good, but I just didn't like it, It is kinda nice knowing i don't want sweets, but if I am at the store I forget then I get home take a bite and blag, so it goes in the freezer just in case I wake up in the middle of the night and need cookies or m&m's or a Toblerone chocolate bar or what ever other things I have in there.


Visting Teaching

So this month I have a new companion, and two new ladies to go visit, the one lady we went to visit this month, this is her last week here then she moves to St. George, we all had so much to say we were there for an hour and a half, I usually don't like being at someones house for more than a half hour but we all hit it off. So I am sad to see one of my ladies move.

Now our other lady we visit, her husband is non member and she is inactive, I called her July 3th to invited her to the ward party for 4th of July, she seemed kinda put off that I was calling her, but she is new and I know how it feels to not feel welcomed in the ward when you move it. so I was just trying to be nice, well since then I have e-mailed her twice asking when we could come by to meet with her, and I have called her once, she has not returned any e-mails or my call, I am in a tough spot cause I really to want to meet her and make new friends, I really do want her to become more active, but I also know when someone is inactive and they want to stay that way, when people come by or invite them it just bugs them more and pushes them away further, which I don't want to do that, so how do I handle this situation, just keep trying once a month or when an activity comes up, or say well I tried and and that's all I can do and just stop? my plan for this month is send her a card, letting her know who I am, and saying I would like to get together and meet, and not sending anything churchy.

Well since I am on the subject of religion here is a link to this months Visit teaching lesson feel free to read it, it is a really simple lesson. Enjoy!


Would like something new...

Dustun and I have lived in many places in our short married life. We have lived here in San Antonio Texas for 2 1/2 years, and I have the bug to move,I want to go anywhere, I want to explore something new, see different things, make new experiences.

Dustun told me last week there was on opening to go to Boston I was excited, I was like look at how many places we can go if we lived there, I told him I would have my Boston cream pie packed along with my red socks and we will be good to go. then I thought wait what about mom, she is going to kill us, so I called her up as I am calling here I am on cheaptickets.com I am telling her what news I just herd, I can hear the hesitation (noo nooo not my baby, all the way across the states), I quickly tell her it is only $100.00 more to see her if I lived there and not here. I mean if you have to fly to visit someone does it really matter how many states away you are? It's going to suck no matter what, so might as well make a new experience to write in your book of life. she tells me go ahead I am done with Texas, I laugh and tell her so am I. So now we wait to we go or do we stay? I'll keep you posted if anything promising comes up.


How ME and YOU became US

Dustun and I are meant for each other there is no doubt in that.

On spring vacation with my cousin we were heading to Oregon to visit our friend, well the whole time i was saying when i get home i am dumping my current boyfriend, and i am going to date, i knew he wasn't my forever guy he was just my right now guy.

On Dustun's Spring vacation he and his friend were heading to Denver for a concert, well the whole time they were together dustun was saying when i get back i am going on more dates.

God definitely heard both of our prayers, so the next day we were both back form vacation we went to work, dustun had worked here for a while i had worked here about 6 months, i always sat in one area of the building and dustun in the opposite side, well this day we both ended up sitting on the same side that was new to both of us, as we sat next to each other, him wearing his new Metallica shirt and me probably wearing a pink shirt. we began to talk about out vacation he just had, even though we were not talking about anything "deep" i felt a connection i have never felt before. As i knew he was almost done with his shift, i was like crap i need to do something here is my chance, so i tore a piece of paper wrote my name and number and call me sometime, and closed it with a smiley face. as he was saying good by i was like here, and handed him the folded note i was hoping he would be down a few rows before he opened it but he opened it in front of me i started blushing then we made eye contact and he started blushing he gave a me cute boyish smile and left.

That day passed and the net day we made plans to go out, he showed me some pics from his vacation, i saw a car in the pictures i was hoping it was his (current boyfriend, no job, no car, and no drivers license)Since i really didn't know him i didnt want him to know where i lived since i lived by myself, so i had him pick me up at work, as i was standing outside of work i can hear music and a loud car, my heart begins to beat , i see the car form the pics i am so excited! he pulls up next to me gets out says hi you ready? i say yes, he walks over opens my door i get in, i feel like this is so right, i look around notice it is very clean so i complement him he beams with joy, (right then i should have known this car his is baby, there will be no separating!)

We did the traditional date, dinner and movie, we both hated the restaurant but we were both to scared to say anything. when we got out of the car that's when i noticed how tall he really was every other time i was sitting or he was or i was excited over the car, so i tell him wow your really tall, as if he didn't know, he was kinda like yep.

After the movie i knew the date was over, i didn't want it to end i loved being with him, so i said lets get a slurpee, so as we drank our slurpees he drove around well soon we were somewhere in north Logan, i had no idea where i was, i told him i loved driving around, (i get that form mom and dad) so we continued to drive soon we were on a "make out" hill over looking the city, it was very beautiful, we both sat there listening to music slurping our slurpees both nervous as all get up. soon the music turned off, that when it become weird like do we kiss or not, soon i was like whats that, he said that was USU i told him i had never been over there so we drove to campus the we walked around. i had so much fun as we walked and talked i just knew he was "the one" we came to the "A" it some poem thing that said of you kissed under a full moon then you would become a true Aggie, so he asked if i wanted to, i was acting like i didn't know what he was talking about, so he asked "may i kiss you?" so there we were 3 days of knowing each other and on our first date kissing, i would have felt like a lip slut but i knew i was kissing my future husband.

When Dustun and I were dating we talked about marriage allot, and on our 6 months of dating he officially asked me to marry him, then on our 8 month we were married. we were married on April 24, 2004, and 6 weeks later he was gone to basic training and school. He was baptized July 24, 2004 and about a year later were sealed the Logan temple for all time and eternity.

Dustun I love you more then I can ever say or explain, I am so happy we are together. I love you.


Once upon a time...

Once upon a time a girl finds boy, boy likes girl, boy and girl fall in love get married and bam here comes baby, sounds so simple, but this is our story:

Once upon a time there was a girl a stubborn girl who wants everything when she asks for it, who find's boy a boy that like's to be different and not follow what every one else is doing. boy like girl, girl like boy they get married he goes to basic and school, then they move in together in not so much of a castle. There is not bam here comes baby in this fairy tale, It takes 4 long hard years for girl to be pregnant.

As this fairly tale is far form over, i will say that there has been some moments in the story that have not been to perfect, but as of now, i would not change anything. I love my prince that saved me and taught me more then i think he even knows, i am so happy to be living in this fairy tale.

So even if we all grew up on "once upon a time" dreams and "they lived happily ever after" ending as we all know in our own ways things are not always that simple, but you can have your fairy tale come true, it will just be your story and no one else.


Our baby!

pregnancy due date

First blog

Well I have started a blog, so that way my family and friends can read on what happening in the Carlsen clan here in San Antonio. I would like to start out with a disclaimer, I do not spell everything correctly, i don't have very good grammar, nor do i know how to use punctuations correctly. But if you know me then you already know that! I will try and update this as much as possible, but i also cant guarantee that either. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think and how your doing. Thanks to all that read this.