Yesterday Dustun and I went to a little German town called Fredericksburg, it was so much fun. We ate at Auslander Biergarten and Restaurant, we ate authentic German food, I had Bratwurst which is a traditional white sausage made of smoked veal and pork, my sides I got garden fresh salad, potato pancakes and spätzle, and huge delicious roll.

Dustun got Kassler Rippchen which is partially smoked pork chops, his sides were garden fresh salad, spätzle, and hot German potato salad, and the huge delicious roll.

We also went walked down main street, where all the old buildings were turned into little shops that sold a verity of things. Like the hospital was now a restaurant, and the butcher shop was a store that sold different type of nick-nacs.

We also drove to the "eternity rock" but due to being pregnant, I was afraid of climbing up the mountain and falling, I mean I have never had the best coronations and since being pregnant I have gotten worse, so we nixed that idea, but we drove around, it was so pretty out in the hill country, we saw some long horns they were so pretty.

We also went to the bat cave where every night about 3 million bats come flying out of the cave, that was so amazing to see all these Mexican free tailed bats flying out man we could smell them and we weren't even that close.
( I don't know if you can see the bats coming out, if you look at the left side of the screen, you might be able to see a flutter of movement, yep that's a lot of bats flying around)



Well yesterday I had the privelage of writing up 25 of my own bullets. For those who don't know a bullet in the military 99% of the time is not referring to ammo. It's a term we use to talk about short little sentences that we use for award packages and our annual ratings called EPRs. It's formated to show action/impact. I learned while in ALS how to write descent bullets. I used to not know how to write one. In fact I just would write a huge paragraph of information and send that to my supervisor. He didn't really like those that much, ha ha. Anyway so I came up with 25 of these things last night ranging from various things I've done in the past year. It was hard considering I didn't write down even half of those on my list that I keep of things I've done. Today (Friday that is as I'm on my night schedule and it's technically Saturday....bah), I stopped by work to turn in LASIK paperwork to try and have my eyes lasered to see better. I saw my supervisor and what do you know? It was when he was working with those bullets. Bad part was....he needed more! That's right! MORE! Ha ha! My head hurt last night from just writing the 25 I gave him. He said he only used about 18 and wrote some of his own. So we (Crystal and I) sat there with him and came up with the rest. What an event. Crystal was phenomenal at coming up with things I've done and words to use. I told my supervisor that she's my backup memory of things I've done.

Anyway in case you're wondering what this was all for, I'll tell you. It was for next year's Zembrod awards. According to AFI 28-2856 for Medical Service Awards, this is what the
Chief Master Sergeant Anton Zembrod Award is for:

Description. This award recognizes and rewards outstanding performance of duty and professional achievements of diagnostic imaging technologists during the award period. It honors Chief Master Sergeant Anton Zembrod who was instrumental in raising and implementing superb professional qualifications for Air Force diagnostic imaging technologists. Active duty and ARC are eligible to compete for these awards.

Qualifying for Award. The nominees must meet the following:
A37.2.1. Hold AFSC 4R0X1, or one of its subspecialties on the last day of the nomination period.

A37.2.2. Be assigned to active duty, ARC, or be a federal civil servant serving in a Department of the Air Force facility in a 4R0X1 position.

A37.2.3. Outstanding Airman. Nominees must be in the rank of Airman Basic (AB) through Senior Airman (SrA), E1 through E4 on the last day of the nomination period.

A37.2.4. Outstanding NCO. Nominees must be in the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSgt) through Technical Sergeant (TSgt), E5 through E6 on the last day of the nomination period.

So there you have it. I don't at all expect to win. I'm just glad I finally got put up for something!


Please vote for me

I feel it is time for a women president, but not Hillary, I would allow guns to still be legal by the right people, I believe in the death penetly, (why keep them around and pay for there food and "house" when we know they are guilty?) I think we should drill here in the US, I think we should pull out of Iraq after we nuc. the terrorist, and of course I believe in world peace!
Carlsen for Prez!

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crystal needs

So my friend Karen had this fun little game on her blog. First, go to google and type in your name, followed by the word needs. Now, list the first 10 things that come up. Here is mine.

1-Crystal needs: a vacation
2-Crystal needs: Someone to give her lots of love and one-on-one attention to overcome her fears and past memories of mean humans.
3-Crystal needs: a vacation!"
4-Crystal needs: improvement
5-Crystal needs: something to do
6-Crystal needs: a Home!
7-Crystal needs: crystal.(NEED TO KNOW)(crystal math)
8-Crystal needs: is registered in the Industry Directory
9-Crystal needs: identified
10-Crystal needs: to sit in a super-saturated solution to continue growing

These are kinda funny and some of them so true for me, I do need a vacation and lots of love. and of course I for sure do need to sit in a super-saturated solution to continue growing.


Don King gone bald

I heard a rumor of Don King shaving all the hair off. Now normally this wouldn't be expected as that is some hair. Maybe a small trim or something but not bald. I highly doubt it'll happen again as I'm sure the lack of hair is not something comfortable to have when used to hair.


Yesterday's OB appt. and today 19 weeks! wowza

Well yesterday was my Ob appt. It went good, I was able to hear the baby's heart rate in the 150's again, it was nice and strong, I love hearing it beat it make's this whole pregnancy become reality when I can hear another life in me beating and living. I am doing well, my blood pressure is right on track, my weight is back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I lost a few pounds due to morning sickness (yuck) and my uterus in right below my belly button. My weight has been a funny subject, I have asked the doctor at both visit if everything is alright, because some people have gained so much weight and I either lost weight or barely put any on, she asked me what my normal food intake was, I told her about my food, and about the vitamins I have been taking (thanks Shaklee for the vitamins!) she said I am eating very good, something form every food group, and not any sweets (bummer) She told me that I should start gaining at a regular pace now that I am starting to eat good again ( I have made dinner like 5 times, story on that another day). So my weight is the same as before I was pregnant, but I have been measuring my self, and my hips, waist and chest have all gotten wider, in some spots around 4 inches, but so far, no weight gain in my arms or thighs (good).
I still don't if what I'm feeling is the baby, I am excited for the day when I am siting there and bam yep that was the baby!
I cant believe I am at 19 weeks already, it is so crazy to think about it, soon Dustun and I will be first time parents and our parents will be first time grandparents, so scary and exciting!!
here is a "belly" picture, it was taken around 17 1/2 weeks, I'll Posted another one when I get around to taking it.


What do you do?

So I have a question for you all, when you go to church do you go to all 3 hours or just pick and choose?
I grew up with you go to sacrament, then leave for Sunday school, (you get a diet coke and "gourmet" peanuts from the gas station and then drive around), then you go back for relief society and priesthood.
Well ever since Dustun and I have been married, we do the same thing, only we go to sonic get some food and drinks. It is hard for me to go to Sunday school I find it incredibility boring. So what do we do, stay and be board trying to understand what in the world the teacher is talking about, or continue our sonic runs? Why does Sunday school have to be so boring and hard to understand? I am excited because today I found out there will be a marriage/family class in place of Sunday school, so I guess you can choose which class you want to go to, the only problem is it is only 7 Sundays long, then what do we do?
Well anyways here we are before church to day, man we are good looking! Also look at bandit he also poses for the camera!


Supporting our troops

I was reading one of the blogs that I visit, and today's post was very good. I wanted everyone to read it.
I know that as Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner (yes Christmas things are up in some stores, yuck) we all get to thinking what can we do for others, but we all need to think about doing for others around the non holiday days.
Well here is the copy of her blog post, enjoy!

At MMW, we know many of you have spouses or family in the military; we are also aware that supporting our Troops means more than wearing a lapel pin- but often, we really just don’t know what to do. Here, Mo Mommy, wife of a deployed serviceman, mother of three, MMW reader and member of the LDS church, offers her point of view on some real things individuals can do to help families who are facing the prolonged separation and stress deployment brings. Feel free to comment or add other ideas you might have.

My family just had the opportunity to go through an all too common experience; the deployment of a loved one to the Middle East. We had almost a year to prepare to say “See you later” to our husband/daddy, but that doesn’t ease the heartache when the moment finally comes. Per custom, the unit had a farewell ceremony for soldiers and their families. The selflessness and volunteer spirit of the companies, organizations, and individuals involved was remarkable, and I consider it my duty to inform others. There is simply no other way to truly thank such service.

The first thing we saw when we walked in the armory was huge tables set up and filled with food. Costco had graciously donated 14 of their huge cakes- decorated with flags and iced with “Come Home Safely”. Rows of vegetable trays, bins overflowing with icy soda, and huge bags of chips covered the tables. Hundreds of dollars worth of food was donated specifically for this event, reaffirming why we have been Costco members forever. Their community support deserves to be applauded.

After the speeches were given and everyone started to mill around, the USO volunteers began circulating. These kind souls stand by and watch this heartbreak several times a year, but they volunteer with a smile. Every child was given a brand new DVD and a special stuffed friend to keep them company. Bumper stickers, playing cards, lapel pins… I think they were really trying to distract us and lighten the mood more than anything. And it worked. There wasn’t a single tear from my kids the whole time, as they chatted with the volunteers and played with other children. I later learned that when the soldiers got to their departure point around 3 a.m., there was a lovely older woman handing out Girl Scout cookies, all smiles and thank you’s. The USO does so much more than just arrange shows for troops overseas, they provide comfort and services for the families they leave at home as well. Please visit USO.org to find out how you can support this amazing organization.

I’d like highlight a few websites useful for anyone wishing to support families of deployed military personnel. AnySoldier.com connects soldiers overseas with people back home to facilitate the shipping of letters and packages. Through this website, you can contact units and send packages of specific things the soldiers need and/or want for comfort and touches of home. You used to be able to write a letter and address it to “Any Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Marine”, but due to security concerns that’s no longer the case. Letterstosoldiers.org has filled that gap by offering online submissions of letters they will then print and send for you. You don’t even need a postage stamp!

FlatDaddies.com offers a full size printed photo of deployed parents. We recently got ours and it’s been a great joy for our kids. The boys hug him and can’t wait to take him to events. Our daughter just turned one, and one of my husband’s fears is she won’t know him when he comes home. This will help her recognize him and keep her used to seeing him around the house, ideally making his return easier for everyone. As much as everyone loved the Flat Daddies program and often sang its praises, Flat Daddies just weren’t receiving enough donations to continue providing these for free. The Executive Director has been very helpful in trying to create a way to accept donations specifically for my husband’s unit, so please comment if you are interested in sponsoring a family. You can also contact your local Red Cross chapter and encourage them to include a request for Flat Daddy funds in their Service to Armed Forces (SAF) grant proposals. Find your local chapter at here.

The thing that really struck me this time around was the difference being connected to a National Guard unit after many years as an active-duty family. On active-duty this is an accepted part of life, though it’s still tough. Many of my fellow spouses in the Guard component have never been through a deployment, they never even saw it coming. Many families are taking pay cuts, and with a completely civilian life they are lacking many of the close support systems an active-duty community has for deployments. The sacrifice of the groups involved has given many of these families a safety-net they never knew they had, and has helped to them to realize they aren’t alone. Please take the time to do what you can in support of those who support our troops and their families.

* May no soldier be unloved,
* May no soldier walk alone,
* May no soldier be forgotten until they all come home.

That was her post, I would also like to add this website to go and visit: www.operationhugahero.com
Thanks for taking time to read this and to think about what we all can do to support our troops.
God bless America, and Good bless our troops, and god bless the families at home.


My name is what, my name is who...

Mr. Snuffleupagus or Snuffy, i.e. Big Bird's best friend.

Well I haven't complained much during this pregnancy, but let me vent today..
I have a head cold, and it sucks, I already have headaches, and dizziness, but then to add to it because my head it stuffed up, grrr.
I have been rubbing vicks on at night, wrapping a warm towel around my neck, flushing my nasal passages with those tea pot things, drinking water like a fish, make a lemon honey tea, and taking my multi-vitamins, have the humidifier on. nothing is helping, I know I can take some medicine to relief the uncomfortableness, but I would rather not put anything in, unless I am dying, (which my be tonight when I am trying to sleep)
* TMI alert:
I put a towel on my pillow last night, that way I don't have my eyes leaking, my noses running and my drool all over my pillow and I can wipe my face and wash the towel when I get up in the morning.

Is there anything else I can do, that might help the stuffy head to go away? I have my OB apt. on Tuesday so if I still am sick then I'll talk to her, I don't want this to turn into a bad infection, which is common for me.
Well thanks for letting my complain. Hopefully I can wake up tomorrow refreshed and renewed!
P.S I just finally started reading Breaking Dawn, so excited to read it so I can talk to my friends that have read it, and I can read some of there blog post about it.
Happy Day
Snuffy is out.

super fun!

So Dustun has been wanting the Wii, since it came out, I have been slightly interested in it, well I picked up a controller and played, crap, I enjoyed it, and had fun. Now I want one. So we saved (and having a pay raise was nice) so I went to the store to get one, although it took awhile to find one, they were never in stock. I came home, put it on the bed, and dustun woke up he was like, "wait, what, the Wii, what, what?!" So funny, he thought he was dreaming, So we set it up and started to play.
We have had so much fun, we play Mario kart, which I am good at as long as the road is straight if it is not then well, I fall and die. We also played bowling (my favorite, I do really well) golfing, boxing, tennis and baseball.
Last night we boxed against each other, I was kicking his butt, he went down like 4/5 times, I only went down 1/2 times, but somehow he won, cause the last time he had a knock out.
Well I woke up this morning and my triceps hurts and my side/back muscle hurt, It was defiantly a work out. For Christmas I think I might get the Wii fit.
So far I am very happy we got this game I have enjoyed spending time him. I'll post some pics later.


Quote of the day.

Making a decision to have a child--it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
-- Elizabeth Stone


Littel bit of everything and nothing

Well Dustun's car broke down a few weeks ago, he was driving and it started smoking (not good) so he pulled in the parking spot at blockbuster and turned off the car. he got out and saw all his antifreeze was all over the ground (really not good) she he called me I came down, as I pulled up I looked and saw the ground all wet and running down the parking lot, I was like, "is that all from you?" "yep" "oh that's not good" "nope" so we sat there, on the curb, people looking at us as they walk out to go home and watch their movies. we sit their and talk about our options, do we keep the car or not? ( it has problems like 3/4 times, and just recently cost us $500.00 to fix) Well he is on the phone with our insurance company, and man walks out of blockbuster looks at us and our hood up then walks a car down, follows the puddle and stream back up to our car, walks back to us, "your antifreeze explode?" "yes" well he looks in and see's the problem right away the hose came undone from each other, so dustun told the insurance company to have the tow truck take the car to our house rather then the auto body shop.
Well long story short, Dustun was able to finally get this $10.00 plastic piece, some new hose, and put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I am very great full he knows how to work on his car, he has been able to fix it every time there was a problem, well except for the last time.

The other day I was at home depot and I found this really pretty new lamp and sconce to go in my hallway and over the table, we had this ugly gold 80's looking things, so I was super excited, then I went to a jewelry party, when I came home they were put up, I didn't even have to ask dustun to hang them up, I was also excited cause since I was not home I didn't have to hear him complain and I am sure swear and how he hates doing electrical things. (maybe cause he is color blind?) Thanks dustun Love you!

I was in a crafty mood yesterday, and when I was at Michel's they had these iron on transfers for a dollar so I bought some, then I bought some onesies, I am hoping when I go back they will some "boy" transfers, so I can make some, I figure I can make boy and girl ones and once I find out what it is give the ones I don't need as gifts.

And last but not least, the other day dustun and I were getting off the bed on the same side, and BAM, I just kept saying, "that was a broken sound, that was a broken sound", so we turn around yep it was broken, we had to hurry and finish dinner cause our home teacher would be over soon, so we said we will fix it when he leaves, well we forgot until we went up to go to bed, so it was 11:00 when we remembered it, so we had to disassemble it and put it back up on our old metal frame, so my first "adult" bed is broken, Dustun is going to try and fix it on his next day off. I mean this bed was set up in a thin piece of wood with other wood slates holding up the middle, well since it was screwed into flimsy wood, all the weight killed the wood, so dustun is going to screw the metal frame into the headboard and foot board, that way the weight of the bed is flat on the ground and on the metal frame and not being supported off the ground by wood, hopefully it works.

(see the small wood on the ground that was holding up the wood slates and the bed)


17 weeks

Today I am 17 weeks pregnant, I really cant believe that, it has gone by pretty fast.
I don't know if I have felt life yet, I think I may, but it is so little and so non-often it is hard to tell, I'll be excited when I can feel it and know what it is, although I am sure by the end if it kicking, and poking and moving I will be ready for the good old days!
I am so anxious about finding out what it is, I cant believe people will wait till it is born, I am just way to impatient. I have been buying stuff, that is cute and on sale, I figure I am with in the 90 days to return in case I have bought the wrong color for the baby. oh man!

well here are some facts about my little Kumquat (that's what mom calls it!)
Your baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord — her lifeline to the placenta — is growing stronger and thicker. Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and she's around 5 inches long from head to bottom. She can move her joints, and her sweat glands are starting to develop.

Smelly hamsters

Ok well I'll just start off with that the hamsters...yeah I can't stand them. Sure they're cute and adorable but they can sure stink up my room. Also their wheels when they run on'em are so annoying. Anyway I cleaned their cages so it doesn't smell anymore.

I still haven't fixed my car. I meant to do it today but just ran out of time. This weekend is when I plan on finally finish that project.

I'm so tired. I'm going to go to bed now. Crystal will probably be sayin that I should've gone to bed earlier but I intended on doing the dishes and cleaning those cages prior to sleep. Oh well. Anyway nothing else much is going on right. I'm still putting in an application package for ultrasound. That's moving along. Here's hoping!



My friend Karen tagged me. So here you go here are my three's:

3 Joys:

1. Finding dustun and being with him forever
2. Having this little miracle growing in me.
3. Having a loving and supporting family.

3 Fears:

1. Having any kind of problems with the baby/pregnancy.
2. getting in a car wreak.
3. Not being closer to family.

3 Obsessions

1. The computer, I love to see if people "remember" me.
2. Having things done when and how I say.
3. Schedules I love schedules! I love being able to cross things off knowing that I accomplished what I wanted to do for the day.

3 Facts About Me

1. I want to have a goat farm, and sell the milk and boy goats to Mexicans. Dad said we would buy them and let me keep them in the pastier at work if I could move home.
2. I found out I am immune to chicken pox, never had them and never will.
3. I feel as if I am a very strong person, I think I can go through a situation and be able to get out of it a stronger, better person, with out becoming bitter.

I tag anyone who is willing and wants to do this! =)



Today Dustun and I went to base to go swim before he went to work, it has been so hot here, your only options are, lay naked with the blinds closed and the fan on high pointing straight at you, or go to the pool, we opted for the swimming!
We had so much, we love to people watch, and people watching with them wearing swim suits is quit entertaining!

I give the girls mad props (that's right mad props) who wear bikinis, past the size of 12, I mean, I would never do it, but if you have the confidence I guess, but if you are a size 24 please don't, oh and then to jump on the diving board, well she was entertaining to watch! We had fun at the pool, too bad dustun had to work we could have stayed for a bit longer.

(that is dustun knee, I don't have a hairy chest, well I don't think so... nope not me)

Woke up to this...

The other day he wrote this on the back door, I love u crystal

Dustun does a lot of sweet things for me, and today he did another sweet thing for me. When he came home this morning from work I was starving (duh), He told me he bought some things for me.

He bought cap'n crunch berries (love them), tapioca pudding, kool aid burst, toaster strudel's strawberry and cream cheese, and my favorite doughnut, a glazed croissant and chocolate milk. I was so excited fro all these things, then he said he had a surprise for me, he handed me a sack, and in it was this:

I am so excited, he knows I have been reading the series but dint have the last book, now I need to finish Eclipse so I can start this one, (why did she keep adding like 100 more pages to each new book?!)
He is such a sweet guy! The other day we celebrated our 5 years since our first date, time has really flown by. I love you a lot Dustun


The melting pot.

Last night Dustun, me and some of our friends, all went out to the melting pot. we were celebrating that Dustun has finally been able to put his new stripe on, he is now a Staff Sargent! He also got accepted into two school, ultrasound or nuclear medicine, which is so awesome now he and we need to figure out which will be best.

We also went out as a "we will miss you" dinner, our friend just got orders to go to Alaska he is also a ultrasound tech. I am so jealous, I mean come on Alaska?!!

We had the funnest waiter, he was so ummmm, batting for the same team... so every time he talked we were trying not to laugh, he was so nice.

We were at he restaurant for 4 hours, we had the best food, I actually ate so much! We had two types of cheese fondue, a cheddar cheese, and a spinach artichoke cheese (my favorite) then we had a salad, it was blue cheese crumbles, raspberry vinaigrette and chopped walnuts. Then we go a plate that had lobster, shrimp, steak, pork, butternut squash ravioli chicken, and veggies. then for desert we had two types of chocolate fondue, The original and the chocolate s'mores, you dipped, marshmallows, bananas, rice crispies, cheesecake, strawberry's, angle food cake. it was so good, and we all had so much fun!
Well now that I am hungry again, I better go find some lunch.


Case #1 or Case #2?

Well since Crystal has been really wanting me to type on this thing I figure I will for this. So there you go honey. I typed something. Fin.

Ok I'm just kidding. That's not all I'll write. Today I found out that I am able to cross train into ultrasound or nuclear medicine. I had to send a request to retrain into either of those and I was told that "Yes" I can. So now's the tough part. Deciding! I have to choose one. Now nucs makes a little more money than ultrasound. It's a little more step by step also than ultrasound which a few people have told me gets boring. There's nothing new to do. Once you get the routine then that's it. Now ultrasound can be like that but it's like x-ray which you can practically image anything. Granted it'll be stale after awhile but it'll be more interesting I think than nucs. Sounds like I've decided huh? Not really. Going to nuclear medicine is a great opportunity as is ultrasound. Both will be great jobs in the civilian sector so I just have to sit down and figure out what I want. One of the more down sides to nucs is the schooling is so long. It'd be 5 months away from Crystal and the baby (possibly missing its birth). Then it'll be 9 months somewhere else but at least then she and the baby can come. It's almost like deploying! Ultrasound is only a few months in the northern part of Texas back at Sheppard and then probably the other 4 months or so will be back here. Anyway...

I'll figure it out. :)

With out further ado...

*written by mom
Here is a (late) breakdown of our trip to Texas to see Crystal and Dustun:

The day started off with bad news at 3:00 a.m. I checked online to see if our flight was on-time with U.S. Airways from SLC. There in big red letters was the word CANCELLED. I checked again and it was still there. I started crying and we had a quick prayer in the car and we sped off to SLC. I was calling the airlines but there was no answer.......DUH, it was 4:00 in the morning. We parked the car, I finished putting on my makeup in the shuttle bus stop at the airport, we shoved our bags on and went to see if we were really still leaving. I headed us to the line at United and we waited our turn. The United employee at the head of the line asked us how we were and I told him I was stressed because I our first leg of the flight to Phoenix was cancelled and I didn't know what the plan was now.

He looked at me and said, 'United doesn't go to Phoenix, you need to be in the US Airways line.......over there! Okay, Doug now thinks I am a complete idiot and wonders how I have made it without him b-4 now! We go the next line and she tells us we have been re-routed to Dallas because of hurricane Dolly in Texas but our flight would be at 8:30 a.m. instead of 7:10.....it was now 5:30 a.m., glad we rushed.

We got on our plane to Dallas, and when we landed we had no clue where to go so we followed the signs and ended up on a monorail train that encircled the airport and took us to the next gate. We rushed to the counter with 20 minutes to board and we were on like a standby list because of the flight change. We got our tickets and boarded only to find out she had typed the wrong seat numbers and we were in someone else's seat. The attendant switched us and said 'easy fix, no biggie'. We settled in with 5 minutes to spare, took a deep breath, buckled in..........Crystal called and said,'I don't want to worry you, but there is a Tornado and flood watch here in San Antonio. Are you still coming?' 'Oh sure, I say, we just made it...wait, there is an announcement.' 'The flight will be delayed a little because of a few clouds in San Antonio. We'll just sit here on the runway for a few minutes.' A FEW clouds, buddy there is a tornado!!! We had the pleasure of sitting one hour in a hot, stuffy plane while the storm subsided. I didn't tell Doug about Crystal's call, no reason for both of us to worry.
*not the actual tornado, just a goggle picture!

We finally took off for the last leg of our journey with heavy gray clouds all around us. I was praying and hanging on for dear life knowing we would experience turbulence just because I needed an seat belt extender and hadn't asked for one (so I was going against regulations.) Doug had a nap.

Halfway through the flight, I woke Doug up to see the storm clouds. I told him, 'If I see rotation, I am going to scream'. He said 'If you see rotation, it is too late'. Thanks for the comforting words, I am glad you came. Just then, we both looked out the window and another plane going in the opposite direction passed us close enough I could read the call letters on the tail. Well all-righty then....

As we landed, the clouds broke enough for us to see the freeway below us and the roads were flooded with cars driving through the water. But I was glad to get on the ground and be done with this day. Crystal and Dustun met us and had been stressed about the weather, the tornado had touched down briefly just miles from their house. The skies cleared as we headed to get our bag and we were ready to get started with our vacation. We headed to baggage claim, Crystal and I were talking a mile a minute, and hugging. Dustun and Doug stood by the carousel and watched it go around, and around and around................................ NO BAG!! Doug asked me for the bag claim ticket and I said, 'the one I threw away back at the waiting room garbage?' DUH!! After some brief dumpster diving, I retrieved the ticket and went back to baggage claim where they informed us the bag had been left in Dallas and they would deliver it to Crystal's house. Okay, NOW I am done, let's go!!

We went to Crystal and Dustun's house before we went to the restaurant, I stayed in the car. Dustun let Bandit out who jumped excitedly in the back seat to see me...........and immediatley peed all over my leg and the car seat. We broke out in hysterical laughter and could not stop until we got to the restaurant.

Our bag was delivered later, all safe and intact except for the zipper.

What a Day!!

We had a great time the rest of the week and it was worth it. The flight home was uneventful,..........HOORAH!!


Due to some misunderstanding in some pictures that I have posted on my blogs some are from the internet, and the picture with the skinny belly with the piercing, that is definitely not me, as much as I wish it was.
P.S the blog with the husbands legs hanging out of the doghouse that is also not dustun.
lol :)


can you......?

Can you ground your adult husband? Ok I didn't think so, I am going to look into adopting a 12 year old boy, so that the chores that dustun and I hate doing will get done, when and how I asked, and if not then I can ground him and take away his video games.


Instructions for babies

Dustun sent this to me a while ago. It is so funny, in order to really see it, you have to click on it then it becomes bigger, if your unable to let me know and I'll try fix'n it. Enjoiy!