Littel bit of everything and nothing

Well Dustun's car broke down a few weeks ago, he was driving and it started smoking (not good) so he pulled in the parking spot at blockbuster and turned off the car. he got out and saw all his antifreeze was all over the ground (really not good) she he called me I came down, as I pulled up I looked and saw the ground all wet and running down the parking lot, I was like, "is that all from you?" "yep" "oh that's not good" "nope" so we sat there, on the curb, people looking at us as they walk out to go home and watch their movies. we sit their and talk about our options, do we keep the car or not? ( it has problems like 3/4 times, and just recently cost us $500.00 to fix) Well he is on the phone with our insurance company, and man walks out of blockbuster looks at us and our hood up then walks a car down, follows the puddle and stream back up to our car, walks back to us, "your antifreeze explode?" "yes" well he looks in and see's the problem right away the hose came undone from each other, so dustun told the insurance company to have the tow truck take the car to our house rather then the auto body shop.
Well long story short, Dustun was able to finally get this $10.00 plastic piece, some new hose, and put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I am very great full he knows how to work on his car, he has been able to fix it every time there was a problem, well except for the last time.

The other day I was at home depot and I found this really pretty new lamp and sconce to go in my hallway and over the table, we had this ugly gold 80's looking things, so I was super excited, then I went to a jewelry party, when I came home they were put up, I didn't even have to ask dustun to hang them up, I was also excited cause since I was not home I didn't have to hear him complain and I am sure swear and how he hates doing electrical things. (maybe cause he is color blind?) Thanks dustun Love you!

I was in a crafty mood yesterday, and when I was at Michel's they had these iron on transfers for a dollar so I bought some, then I bought some onesies, I am hoping when I go back they will some "boy" transfers, so I can make some, I figure I can make boy and girl ones and once I find out what it is give the ones I don't need as gifts.

And last but not least, the other day dustun and I were getting off the bed on the same side, and BAM, I just kept saying, "that was a broken sound, that was a broken sound", so we turn around yep it was broken, we had to hurry and finish dinner cause our home teacher would be over soon, so we said we will fix it when he leaves, well we forgot until we went up to go to bed, so it was 11:00 when we remembered it, so we had to disassemble it and put it back up on our old metal frame, so my first "adult" bed is broken, Dustun is going to try and fix it on his next day off. I mean this bed was set up in a thin piece of wood with other wood slates holding up the middle, well since it was screwed into flimsy wood, all the weight killed the wood, so dustun is going to screw the metal frame into the headboard and foot board, that way the weight of the bed is flat on the ground and on the metal frame and not being supported off the ground by wood, hopefully it works.

(see the small wood on the ground that was holding up the wood slates and the bed)

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Kami said...

Cute onesies! And pretty light too. And too bad about your bed- I've never had an "adult" bed. I guess we've both had bad luck with beds this month. :)