So I know that a few of my friends and family are working out, I was wondering if we could set up a little thing were you post your daily workout, what you did, for how long, and maybe a good for you meal/treat idea. I figure maybe if we are accountable to each other we might do better. If you want to join me, just leave me comment

8-27-09 For each move, do 1 or 2 sets of 12 repetitions
Upper body:
Chest Press With Band
Bent Over Rows
Basic Dumbbell Curls
Rear Triceps Extension
Front Arm Raises

Lower body:
Basic Squats
Dumbbell Leg Extensions


Cross-Armed Crunches


biked about 7 miles in 20 minutes

Treat idea:
Black bean brownies
1 box brownie mix
1 can (15 oz) black beans

Open the can of black beans, rinse well. With beans back in the can, add enough water to cover beans. Put in blender or food processor and puree. Add puree to brownie mix, and then bake according to package directions.

You DO NOT add the eggs or oil that the recipe calls for, JUST the black bean puree!

Makes 20 brownies-- 2 Weight Watcher Points each!

These are pretty rich and fudgy, and you cant tell that they aren't "regular" brownies. They have lots of protein and fiber, too.

"Breathing correctly is the key to better fitness, muscle strength, stamina andathletic endurance."

~Dr. Michael Yessis~


Made it home

Well I made it back to Colorado, the flight was good, Abigail did great just like always,she was a bit fussy at times but I think it was cause it was so hot in the plan, she had red checks and sweating, so was I.
I had dad come through security with me, so he could help me getting everything through the x-ray machine, once we were on the other side we started to people watch we saw lots of interesting people, we saw ladies who like to wear what look like underwear out, we saw lady's that looks like men, men who looked like they peed there pants, we saw, "rich" men and women, we saw people get upset at the ticket counter,we saw people running to the gate. i love people watching everyone is so different.
Amanda and mom also came to the airport, I hate saying good bye, the only thing getting me through this one was I will be seeing them in a month. And dustun should be there also, so that will make the trip even better.
Thanks for letting us come visit, it was a super quick trip, but lots of fun.

Abigail is a "expert flyer" she has been in 6 different planes.



On Monday August 17th, Travis, Amanda, Mark and I all went to lagoon, I haven't been there in so many years, and when I do go I usually don't have anyone to ride rides with, but not this time, we all wanted to go on all the rides, and that is pretty much what we did. We rode the Terror ride, Colossus: The Fire Dragon, The bat, Double Thunder Raceway, Rocket, The white roller coaster, Sky ride, Spider, wicked, the train, tidle-wave, bumper cars, ferris wheel

My new favorite rides are the spider which does this: A first of its kind in North America, this spinning coaster takes riders to a new extreme. Four passengers load into the coaster car - two facing forward and two facing back. The car remains in this locked position as it descends the initial drop. As the car begins to ascend the second hill it then unlocks, allowing free horizontal spin - up to 20 rotations per minute depending on weight and gravity! With unique track configurations, which include an 82 degree embankment called the Immelmann, a stretch of slalom track, and a 360 degree carousel turn, riders are given a truly unique experience.

And Wicked: t's BIG, It's FAST, it's "WICKED", and it's coming in 2007. Lagoon announces it's most thrilling coaster, EVER! This state of the art coaster will thrill riders of all ages with it's unique ride elements.

Riders will be launched to the top of the 110 ft. tower at speeds close to 41 mph. This element is especially unique as most roller coasters slowly lift riders to the top of the first hill, letting gravity do the rest. "WICKED" riders will instead be propelled by means of a linear synchronous motor (LSM) drive system, essentially rocketing riders up and over the top of the first hill.

The 8-rider vehicles travel individually and achieve speeds up to 55 mph, passing though steep valleys, high banked turns, half-pipe, heart-roll inversion and more. Riders will be seated in two rows of four, facing forward, with the back row seats elevated above the front row. The lap/leg restraints will provide an exhilarating upper body freedom for riders.

WE all had so much fun, we were a bit dizzy, but doing great, after the park closed we went to Iggys for dinner, then we were trying to find a place open to get some pie, but we had no luck, and the way home we played "would you rather" finally around midnight, we were home, and ready for bed.

The next day I looked at my poor feet, they were so sore from walking around all day, and my toe was killing me, I also had to wear Tennis shoes in order to ride rides, well I was walking on my feet all wrong, and I got a blisters, so my feet look like homeless people feet. Time for a pedicure.


Elder Price and Camping

On Sunday 8-16-09, My "little" brother Travis was privileged to get ordained an Elder in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I am so happy I was able to be a part of this wonderful experience, I am so proud of him, he is such a good example and good friend, I know he will do great in Collage and when he goes on his mission, He is going to make a great, husband and Father, I love him so much.

After church we all came home and loaded up in the truck, Dad, Travis, mom in front, Abigail, me and Amanda in back, We like each other. we went up to the property, we cooked hot dogs, hamburgers, had chips and drinks, we four wheeled around, we laughed so much, we made fun of each other and other people, Abigail is such a trooper, she would talk, make faces, and want anything we had.

Travis showed us how to make éclairs while camping, they were oddly good.
Step one, get wooden sticks, coat with oil, or pam.
Step two, wrap a canned biscuit around stick, the roast over fire until golden.
Step three, remove biscuit form stick and squirt some vanilla pudding into hole,
Step four, frost with chocolate frosting and enjoy!

I had so much fun, I laughed and joked around so much. I love being with my family, now only if dustun could be with us.


On Saturday August 15th Abigail and I flew back to Utah. Dustun and I stayed up watching a movie and never went to bed until 12:00 and I never fell asleep until 12:30, well 3:00 came around way to fast, so I got Abby up and ghost feed her, then I got Dustun up and had him take her bed apart, we were out the door at 4:00, then to Dustun a non boarding ticket so he could help me get through security, but I forgot, so I had to but my bag, my backpack, my shoes all my formula, my zip-lock bag of 3 Oz liquids, my car seat, the base, the stroller all on the x-ray machine, all the while holding Abigail, it was a zoo, then 3 seconds later, I had to re-assemble and put everything back. We get on the plane, and Abigail has been awake since about 5:00I figure the second I nursed her she will pass out for the whole flight, nope she ate had a 10 min nap and was awake the rest of the flight, which she was good, she looked out the window, looked at the man next to us, and played with the things on the tray table, she kept grabbing for my cup so i let her have a drink of my apple juice she did really good, she grabbed it correctly and never even spilled, ( she is growing up so fast)
Finally we landed, We were all excited to see mom/grandma, dad/grandpa, daughter and granddaughter, mo mwas crying then i started crying but she gave them a big smile, I am so happy to have them, I am so happy they love us as much as they do.
We went to breakfast, then we went to my aunt Susan's house, where we visited with her for a little bit, my cousin's had spent the night so they came up and visited for a bit, then we came and picked Amanda up, and went to Logan, My grandma and Grandpa didn't know we were coming, my grandmas face was priceless, she saw me walk through the door, and she had the look of, oh crap I am loosing my mind, then she started to cry, she misses Abigail and I so much, it just brakes my heart when we have to say good bye. My aunt JB and Mino were there so I was able to visit with them also.
By this time I am going on 13 hours awake on 3 hours of sleep, I am pooped,, we get to my moms house unload I make Abigail a bottle and I slept for a few minutes, then mom asks if she can take Abby, I gladly get up and head to my room there i passed out until 6:15, I probably would have slept longer but i was so hungry all I had to eat was breakfast, as I am laying there I realize it is so quiet, I get up and find a note, from mom, saying they took Abby to the ward party, so i call to see if there is still food, and I drive down there, and ate and talked and played volleyball.
I am so done, but I have to get Abigail in bed then I run to Walmart to get her food and diapers, finally around 11:00 I passed out

It was a long day, but I enjoyed every minute of it.



Dustun and I went to a Chinese restaurant (New Panda) that was recommended by a co worker, I thought the place was decorated really nice, and the food was good, I got this pineapple shrimp, entrée, it was good but I loved the presentation, it was in a pineapple shell that was hallowed out. mmmmm

The day my daughter got crabs

Well what happened we were at the mall and I was holding a hermit crab so I went to show Abigail, and the dang thing reached out and pinched her tiny little thumb, she let out a high pitch scream, I don't remember if it let go or if I ripped him off, I threw the little crabby thing back in his case and scooped my baby out of her car seat, she let out a few whimpers, but she was all good after I was holding her, I felt so bad, I wanted to cry, I looked at her finger, no blood good, then a few seconds later the blood came, we quickly pushed the blood out and were wiping with a antibacterial wipe, I didn't know what if any kind of germs hermit crabs had. I felt so bad I almost cried, her poor finger was bloody , red and throbbing with pain.
I tried taking a picture, they are not the greatest, but trying to hold a baby's finger still to take a picture is hard to do.
Moral of the story, don't give your kids crabs, they hurt.


Sleep Training

As we all know Abigail and Sleeping do not go together, She has never really took a long nap, 30 minutes and she is up and ready, which is nice when you want to go some where, but you cant do anything in the house, i have to do everything separate. shower, then get ready, or dishes or laundry, never two tings at once. She use to sleep really well I would get her ready for bed, and by about 7 p.m she was asleep and at 4 am she would wake up to eat, then go back to sleep until 7 or 8 a.m Then the beginning of June hit and her schedule went off, it got worse and not better, I figured it was due to all the moves, a new place, not seeing all the people she was use to reconnecting to her dad, so when she woke up I comforted her, then after a month of that I figured well maybe she needs to eat maybe she is growing, but then I paid attention and realized she was not eating she was just pacifying.

I knew I needed to do something but I didn't know what or when, well on July 29th, I went into her room at 9,10,11, and 12, when she woke up at 1, that's when I said, it is not going to get easier later so do it now, so then she laid there crying while I rubbed her head her belly her legs, she screamed at me,asking why I was not holding her, rocking her, nursing her like I do every night, she was mad she was awake, and tired and I was doing nothing to help get her to sleep.

I told dustun to go sleep on the pull out bed, so he could get some sleep, it was going to be a long night, well after an hour of her screaming at me, and my head saying just put her to bed do this another night and my other half saying another night you'll be just as tired. She finally passed out, she slept until 7:00, I was awake at 5:00 my body was so use to her all night and then she went a night with nothing I was in pain.

Here comes, putting her to bed with out her bad habit rituals, I will do everything I can to comfort her with out removing her from her bed.

July.30th & 31st 3 or 4 naps today, and all had some tears but she slept with in about 30 minutes, Dustun put her to bed, I told him she was going to see if he was weak and let her out of her crib I told him she was going to throw a huge fit, she did, it took almost on hour of her crying before she passed out, she slept all night again, I was in pain again.
Aug. 1st & 2nd: went smoothly, she fussed again but it was only taking her about 10/20 min to fall asleep, and mostly she would just talk to her bear, or touch the sides of her bed, and a few cry's here and there.

we begun the phase out, were I rarely touch her head or her tummy,

Aug. 3rd: I would get her ready for bed, and rock her for a bit then give her a kiss tell her good night, I love you, and to take a nap, in the morning she fussed for about 40 min, and Dustun had lunch duty, she fussed for about 40 min again, now the 3rd nap, she and I fell asleep while she ate, (oops)

Aug. 4th Today was good, she was able to go to sleep with out me, I just laid in bed, and wait for her to start to fuss, then i would give her binkie back and reassure her that I was there still, then i would back off again.

Aug 5th Today was pretty much the same as yesterday, it is only taking her about 10 min to fall asleep with minimal fussing and basically no crying, tomorrow we start the next phase.

Now we begin to just put her down and leave the room completely. only to come back if needed.

Aug 6th for her first nap today, I made her a bottle and laid her down and gave it to her, then I went in after a few minutes and replaced it with her binkies, she did noticed but didn't care, she went to bed with out me being in the room, Amazing! but the best part she slept for an hour and forty minutes! so awesome! her second nap we were at the movies, so she fell asleep in my arms, she slept for almost an hour, even through all then nose of the movie (transformers) When I put her down I did all the normal night time things, and laid her down it did take about a half hour for her to fall asleep ,and I did have to go in about 4 times to reassure her I was still her, but she did fall asleep with out throwing a huge fit.

Aug. 7th the first nap, she fell asleep in the stroller while we were out for our walk, second nap, took about on hour for her to go to sleep, some playing, some fussing and some crying, I finally went back to touching her, she finally passed out, third nap i was strong, I put her down, and she cryed for about 15 minutes total, I went in every 5 min to reassure her and giver her binkie and have her snuggle up to her bear, she finally passed out. For her bed time she fussed for a bit, but was able to go to bed on her own

Aug 8th
today was pretty much the same, we were at the zoo for her morning nap so she slept in the stroller, but her second nap and bedtime, she did cry for a few minutes, but she did finally pass out asleep.

Aug 9th. This morning I left the house and told dustun what chores to do and how to take care of Abby, I told him not to give in to her when she cries, well he put her down for her morning and afternoon nap he layed her down and she cried for about 5 min then he went in there gave her binkie and her snuggles and left the room she was asleep before he left the room. well bedtime came and it was awful I think she was overtired, it took almost an hour her screaming/crying and us going in every 5 min, before she fell asleep.

Aug 10th, I put her down for her morning nap, and she did not fuss, cry or scream, she fell asleep! so exciting, I am hopping it will stay this way, I know there will be times I have to go in there, but I know that she can fall asleep by her self no more of me holding her for ever, or me nursing, rocking, touching or whatever else I had to do before.

My main goal of all this, is to be able to get her ready for bed, and put her down in her crib, and walk out, and for her to talk to her bear, fuss, then just go to bed,I know that once she master's that then if she wakes up in the middle of the night she can put herself back to sleep, or maybe just maybe if she wakes up after her 30 min nap she can put herself back to bed for a bit longer, or maybe she will be able to fall asleep in the car. I know this is a life long skill that I can only teach and not do for her. This is one of many.

Garden of the Gods

Yesterday was an amazing day, not only was dustun home, but Abigail took a two hour and 40 min nap, in the morning and an hour long one in the afternoon, and we got out and took a beautiful walk around the Garden of the Gods.
This was our free activity for the week, and boy it was worth it, there are these huge wonderful red rocks shooting straight up in the sky, the trail was paved so we were able to push Abigail around, the weather was pretty good. she was so cute, when ever she herd a bird chirp she would get all excited, and when she herd any other kids, making noise she would follow suite, and when she saw dustun and I drinking from our water, she would lick her lips, and kick her legs, so we would give her a bit of water.

There was a lot of people rock climbing, some looked harder then others. I have been repelling a couple of times but never rock climbing I would love to give it a try sometime,even if it is on the portable fake wall that travels, I would like to say I
tried it. maybe some day.
Dustun and I ate out on the patio of the visitors center that over looked the scenery, we both had buffalo burgers with chipotle sauce, they were dang good.

Here is another slide show.


Seven Falls

So Yesterday we went to the Seven Falls, It was so amazingly beautiful there. The climb to the top of the falls, not so fun, but i am happy I was able to do it! I am not normally a scardey cat, but the stairs were so narrow and so steep and then then wind kicked up and they started moving I was having such a panic attack. I wanted to stop but i really wanted to say i made it to the top and beyond, so I kept going. Once we made it up there you could follow all the trails in the mountain, but I was definitely wearing the wrong shoes, ( I mean who wears flip flops to go hiking?!) but it is hard for me to wear a closed toe shoes, since i broke my toe, How did I do that? I had a blonde moment and was scooting my chair in and my feet were behind the legs to help, and some how I got my foot under the leg and I went scoosh, it went purple and swollen in about 3 minutes, i hurt so bad. Anyways, I am so happy to be able to get out in the out doors and enjoy living/staying here in Colorado, we are trying to do as much as we can in case we go back to Texas, we know Abigail is not going to remember any of these tings but we will and thats what all the pictures are for.

She was so cute, i took her out of her stroller so i could help her to sleep, I think the beat of the Indian drums help, soon she passed out and since she only sleep s for about a half hour, we headed back to the car to wait so we could change her diaper, reapply sunscreen and load her up in the front carrier so we could make it up the fun stairs! We were sitting in the back of the truck and some older lady was like oh that is so sweet can i take your picture so you can remember this moment, I do cherish those moments were she cuddles up and sleeps on me I know that too soon she will be a "big" girl and not want me to hold her, that will be so sad. but until then we will take her places and show her around, so when she gets older she will love and appreciate all the activities we do.
Enjoy the slide show