Snow in San Antonio

Ok so it's not what I'm use too, but it is the closest i will get while we live here. It started out as I was feeding Ben and I was on Facebook, I noticed a lot of people wrote there was snow, so i asked dustun since he was up getting ready, he said there was, so i put Ben back to bed looked out my window and sure enough there was some white cold stuff on the ground and cars!! I went and woke up Candice at 6:00 am to tell her to come out and look, I though she was going to kill me, she never gets to sleep in and here i was waking her up to look at snow, lol oh well :) i got a few pictures snapped and then we all went back to bed, since work was canceled for everyone.
When the kids got up we went out side and walked in it, it crunched just enough to make me smile even more, I forgot how much I love snow and how much Ive missed it, I mean I was so excited over the tiniest amount, the major danger was the fact the roads was ice over the town was a giant ice rink, I heard there was a report 700 accidents, scary.
After that we all made a nice big breakfast, we had French toast, scrambled egg, oranges and hot chocolate.

It was also a perfect day, for pjs and movies, so that what we did all morning!
Our Snow day!!



My little man is 7 weeks old.

And everyday he stills my heart, with his smile, his cooing, with those big blue eyes that are only filled with joy and love.
Benjamin I love you!!