8 weeks old

Abigail is doing great we went to her 2 month well baby visit with her weight she is in the 50% her length she is in the 75% ans i don't know about her head, her doctor said she is growing great, she is kinda small but since we have been doing our weight checks she is gaining exactly the way she needs to be. She does of a bit of a cold, and a very mild case or eczema, which he said to make sure she only has a a couple of baths a week to not dry out her skin and then to put lotion on her belly. She was unable to get her shots today because we have to wait to the 30th rather then on the 8th week, so Tuesday is when she will get her nasty shots. She also had a barium study done on Wednesday and the results are she does have acid reflux which is why she spits up so much and might be the reason she is small or she might be small cause that is her genes but anyways. We give her some NASTY smelling and tasting medicine 3 times a day i am waiting to hear from my insurance to see if we can get some different kind that is once a day and is much better tasting. The doctor says she may grow out of it, but to keep her elevated which is what i already do. She is growing so much she smiles and talks to you all the time, she even giggles a little bit. she has discovered a new "toy" her tongue she is always sticking it out and sucking on it i need to get a video of it so cute. she has great neck muscles when you go to pull her up from her arms she brings her head up by her self. She has also been sleeping great at night we go upstarirs between 8 and 9 we read books, cuddle, say prayer, i nurse her, then she goes to bed she sleeps until about 4/5 in the morning then i nurse her agian then she wakes her selve up around 8 she plays with her self talks and laughs then i hurry and get ready for the day then i feed her again. then we are up for a few hours we play, read, talk then she goes down for a her naps. she is so good i love her so much.
Well she just got up from her nap so i got to go


I am here!

oh man I have been really slacking, well Of course Abby just woke up so i only have a few minutes but Abigail, Bandit and I made the LONG 4 day drive from Texas to Utah, it took so long because when you breastfeed your baby, they get hungry every 2/3 hour and you have to stop and feed her and it takes about an hour to feed, burg change and give some love.
I am living in my sisters house, Abigail and I share a room which is great because she makes me feel not so alone. In this small house we have a boxer, a shih-tzu, a cat, a baby and two females sometimes it is crazy in this house.

pictures will be coming soon