Today I went to church with some friends. Let me say that they are not LDS they are Baptist and man it is a different feeling going to their church, in our sacrament we are all dressed in our Sunday best, and are very quiet and reverent, this church has a live band, with drums, guitar, piano and singers. They have nursery for babies, we usally keep our little ones until 18 months so I was way nervous to leave my baby with strangers she has only ever had a babysitter once and Abigail was asleep the whole time, but she did good, she played with some new babies it made me wanna join a mommy group so that way she has some interactive play and I have social time!
Ok so back to church, todays service was kind of a play they reenacted the last supper, it was interesting.
After church the kids fell asleep so we drove around, it is so pretty right now with all the wild flowers blooming thank you Lady Bird Johnson when the kids woke up we stop to take some BlueBonnet pictures, it was so pretty and smelled so good, i even watched butterflies and bees flying around, it really made me love Texas a bit more,( i know i will take that back once the heat comes) So here are more cute pictures of Abigail! and of coarse me!


Whitte Museum

On 3-23-10
All of us the Carlsens and the Greens were able to get out and go to the museum, we usually are able to go out, but it it usually just to dinner or dinner out our houses, but today it worked out good that everyone had the same day "off" schedule so we took advantage of that. We also lucked out and got in on free Tuesday! The kids did really well Abby was scared of a few dinosaurs but she did good. Candice and I were the big kids we usually are, and had fun in the science house using the pulley systems and riding the bike on the tight rope. It was a really nice day so we walked around out side for a bit, then we went to cheesy Janes! very good burgers and milk shakes, we will be going back soon!

I feel very blessed to have such good friends I can fully trust and support. Thank you Candice for being here, for making me always laugh and for always having fun with me.


Disney on Ice

On March 20th, 2010, Dustun, Abigail, Candice, Samuel and I all went to Disney on ice, it was so much fun, if the kids didnt enjoy it I know I did! The kids did really good they just sat there and watched, if Abby wasn't watching the show she was watching all the toys in the audience that lite up and spun around. She did get tired but she just kept moving from me, dad, or Candice. It was funny watching her clap when it was time to clap, I loved watching her point, and her face lite up from excitement. I was happy we could this together. It was another great day!


25th birthday

I am officially a quarter of a century old, I can hardly believe it! I haven't looked forward or really cared about turning another year old but this birthday is a big one! for my acual birthday I was able to celebrate with cake, presents and lots of laughs. Dustun Abigail, Samuel, Candice and I went to the river walk, we ate fish and chips, and walked around the river for a bit, it was a beautiful day.
This year I was spoiled, Dustun bought me a "raw" dresser that has been in the works of sanding and staining, pictures will be coming soon. And we also got a new phones, my last service provider didnt have any towers near us so I never had signal, so we got some cool new pohones I have never wanted or cared about the latest electronics but this i Phone is awesome and I love it! I also got a docking station so I can charge and play my music while I get ready for the day. I also got balloons, flowers and a cake.
Oh and my big birthday bash will be in April, Candice and I are turning 25 this year so we decided to make it a big birthday by going to las Vegas, we invited our sisters to have more fun! I am so excited!
Thank you everyone who gave me money and gifts and most of all birthday wishes, I really appreciate it.



Life is like a roller coaster it has it ups it has it's downs, you just got to make sure your buckled in and holding tight, and most importantly enjoy every minute of it.
lately I have been on the good part of the roller coaster, and it has been fun, and I have felt completely happy. I have got to spend family time with dustun and I have been able to spend alone time with him. I have got to spend alone crystal time, I have been able to spend mother daughter time, I have been able to spend making the house more beautiful time, I have got to spend time with old friends, I have got to spend time to make new friends.
I have been busy but I am happy I love doing things, lately we have been working on the yard, wedding, planting flower seeds, planting grass weeds, mowing the lawn. everyday I go outside and water the lawn, it has been nice to do. I have also been working on staining my new dresser, that has been fun and I feel very proud to say that we did it, every time I look at it I will remember the talks and the time we spent working on it.
I still have stresses in my life some big some small but I have a good support team that I can talk to you who listens to me and who can give me good advice.
I want to publicly let everyone know, I do love Dustun, and I have appreciated all he has done for me and for the family. Thank you dustun.
I know at some point the roller coaster will go back down but I hope for not too long cause I love the top.


Random cute pictures of Abigail

Random cute pictures of Abigail while we were in Utah.
Abigail has learned to do a "cheesy" smile wear she crinkles her nose and sqiunts her eyes, what a goof!
here she was sitting on the potty reading my book, she thinks she is older.
Daddy loved rocking her to sleep, and Abby loved it, no wonder she had a hard time falling asleep by herself at night :)
Here Abby is eating some of Grandma Prices homemade canned pears she loved them! was happy to see her enjoy them.


Day ten of Utah visit: 3-1-10
well we made it back to Texas, a little later then expected but it was ok we went to the USO in Denver we had a sandwich a drink and some candy Abby was able to crawl and play in the kid area and i rested on the recliner.
she did good on this flight also, she did take a couple of her power naps, so she was happy.
I was worried how she would sleep in her bed, but she finally slept the whole night by herself, i was happy and rested the next day
I want to let every one know i loved being home i loved seeing all the family i know it wasn't a a vacation but it was nice to see and visit with everyone.
So until we see each other, "see you all soon"
Utah visit day nine: 2-28-10
Well today was the last Sunday all of us could get together for Sunday, as Travis will be gone on his mission to Virgina for 2 years.
who knows who will be in the picture once he returns!

there is my brither what a goof!

ok there we go out little family, oh so cute!

last time in his jeep, wonder if it will still be around! I know he loved it and did many things it, i also loved 4 wheeling it and looking over town when we were on top of the mountains.
we had our own family farewell dinner at aunt mino's, then we had dessert at Grandma and Grandpas. that is were we all said, "see you later" to everyone, it was very emotional saying good bye and seeing Travis say bye to everyone.

once we got back home we started to get everything packed, it is amazing at how much crap you have when you have a kiddio.
Well I hope tomorrows flight goes smoothly.