Utah visit day day eight: 2-27-10
Today we went up to my grandparents cabin to go do one of the many yearly shovel the decks and roof off and of course snowmobile trips, i love the snow, i love the mountains i love the smell of gas from the snowmobile, i love the free feeling you have when your on it i love it i love it i love it.

To get up to the cabin we get dressed and loaded up below then Abby and I got on the sled that was pulled by dad he pulled up across the road and up the hills side, Abby loved ridding in the sled she just laid belly to belly on me and looked up at me and when we stopped she looked up and around like, "hey whats going on lets do it again!"

Mom even took Abby on the snowmobile around the cabin even then she did so good, Dustun was nervous but i wasn't she is a brave girl like her mommy willing to try and do anything!
After we shoveled and played for a bit we went in the cabin and had lunch we tried to make Abby walk for a cookie no success but she really tried she would try with her left hand and then her right, soon we brought in snow for her to play with and we decided to hide the cookie she loved eating cookie snow!
It was a good day up there, once we got in town we went to dinner with our buddy Larsen, it was good for all of us to get together and talk, he is a good friend i wish we lived closer so we could have get together more often.

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