Utah visit day nine: 2-28-10
Well today was the last Sunday all of us could get together for Sunday, as Travis will be gone on his mission to Virgina for 2 years.
who knows who will be in the picture once he returns!

there is my brither what a goof!

ok there we go out little family, oh so cute!

last time in his jeep, wonder if it will still be around! I know he loved it and did many things it, i also loved 4 wheeling it and looking over town when we were on top of the mountains.
we had our own family farewell dinner at aunt mino's, then we had dessert at Grandma and Grandpas. that is were we all said, "see you later" to everyone, it was very emotional saying good bye and seeing Travis say bye to everyone.

once we got back home we started to get everything packed, it is amazing at how much crap you have when you have a kiddio.
Well I hope tomorrows flight goes smoothly.

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