Whitte Museum

On 3-23-10
All of us the Carlsens and the Greens were able to get out and go to the museum, we usually are able to go out, but it it usually just to dinner or dinner out our houses, but today it worked out good that everyone had the same day "off" schedule so we took advantage of that. We also lucked out and got in on free Tuesday! The kids did really well Abby was scared of a few dinosaurs but she did good. Candice and I were the big kids we usually are, and had fun in the science house using the pulley systems and riding the bike on the tight rope. It was a really nice day so we walked around out side for a bit, then we went to cheesy Janes! very good burgers and milk shakes, we will be going back soon!

I feel very blessed to have such good friends I can fully trust and support. Thank you Candice for being here, for making me always laugh and for always having fun with me.