Today I went to church with some friends. Let me say that they are not LDS they are Baptist and man it is a different feeling going to their church, in our sacrament we are all dressed in our Sunday best, and are very quiet and reverent, this church has a live band, with drums, guitar, piano and singers. They have nursery for babies, we usally keep our little ones until 18 months so I was way nervous to leave my baby with strangers she has only ever had a babysitter once and Abigail was asleep the whole time, but she did good, she played with some new babies it made me wanna join a mommy group so that way she has some interactive play and I have social time!
Ok so back to church, todays service was kind of a play they reenacted the last supper, it was interesting.
After church the kids fell asleep so we drove around, it is so pretty right now with all the wild flowers blooming thank you Lady Bird Johnson when the kids woke up we stop to take some BlueBonnet pictures, it was so pretty and smelled so good, i even watched butterflies and bees flying around, it really made me love Texas a bit more,( i know i will take that back once the heat comes) So here are more cute pictures of Abigail! and of coarse me!

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Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I love the Texas Blue Bells!