25th birthday

I am officially a quarter of a century old, I can hardly believe it! I haven't looked forward or really cared about turning another year old but this birthday is a big one! for my acual birthday I was able to celebrate with cake, presents and lots of laughs. Dustun Abigail, Samuel, Candice and I went to the river walk, we ate fish and chips, and walked around the river for a bit, it was a beautiful day.
This year I was spoiled, Dustun bought me a "raw" dresser that has been in the works of sanding and staining, pictures will be coming soon. And we also got a new phones, my last service provider didnt have any towers near us so I never had signal, so we got some cool new pohones I have never wanted or cared about the latest electronics but this i Phone is awesome and I love it! I also got a docking station so I can charge and play my music while I get ready for the day. I also got balloons, flowers and a cake.
Oh and my big birthday bash will be in April, Candice and I are turning 25 this year so we decided to make it a big birthday by going to las Vegas, we invited our sisters to have more fun! I am so excited!
Thank you everyone who gave me money and gifts and most of all birthday wishes, I really appreciate it.