Abigail had a great birthday this year, she was so happy and just like always very cute!
I decided to do a Barbie them, so I made her a Barbie cake.
She had some cool barbie birthday baloons.
And of course her new birthday special Barbie plate to eat her cake on.
We invite over her other friend Dallyn over to enjoy pizza and cake, I was also happy to have my friend Ashely over.
She got some new pretty plates and bowls, some headbands, a happy birthday build a bear, a new school back pack, sippy/treat cup, books and some other little toys. From Dustun and I we got her a barbie, a pillow for her big girl bed and we gave her some shirts and pants a little before her birthday, and from Doug and Nancy we put the money they gave us towards Abagail's own little recliner for her room. (cant wait to see it)
After presents, we had some of the yummy cake! This year Abby was excited to see it, last year she was unsure of it all, Dustun film it, candice brought her the cake I was busy feeding Ben, so I took some photos.
After that we called Great Grandma Bartschi, had had her sing Happy Birthday, which of course made me cry and think if Ben will hear it. Then we Skyped mom and dad, Abby was on a sugar high and so was every one else so it was crazy! lol
Then we went outside and played in the ball pit, in the cars and on the slide, hey we had to try and wear the kids out and get rid of the sugar in the system.
Her best gift is her baby brother being here to enjoy it with her.
All in all we had a great day, a great birthday, I'm excited to see what new things Abby does in the next year.
From the Calrsen we say, love you!

Abby is TWO!!!

Has it really been two years since she was born?

Or really a year since she was one?

Now shew is two, and just as amazing as ever!


Bye Bye Binkie

Well I did it, I got rid of Abigail binkie, I have wanted to get rid of it since she was 6 moths old, but I always found a reason not to, such as, we are living in strange place, we are moving, she is teething, I am starting to babysit another baby, teething, well soon I was the one attached to it, every time I though about getting rid of it I would get nervous and be afraid of her not sleeping or her crying and me loosing my mind, I knew it was a quick fix, if she was fussy or tired i gave it to her an poof problem "gone" I have always been good about it, she wasnt one of those kids that always had it in there mouth, she got it in the car when needed, and always at nap/bed time, and sometimes just when she was a bit fussy. If you would told her to take it out to talk, she would, if you told her to put in back in her bed with her baby doll she would. I have gotten close and "tried" to get rid of it before, I almost cut the nipple so she would like it but soon my head got to me and I freaked out at the though of how she might be with out it, so i put the scissor down and popped her binkie back in her mouth and laid her down to bed.
I knew I had to get rid of soon I wanted it gone before she was 2, and all of a sudden when I laid her down for bed, I did everything we always do, books, song, prayer, gave her dolly and her sippy of milk, I told her she was a big girl and didnt need binkies, I gave her a kiss and walked out, I was scared i went downstairs in my bathroom turned the fan on to tune out the crying and screaming, after i read a few articles and I was hopping it was all over i came out, asked how long she had been upset, and to my surprise she didnt make a peep, later that night i went it and looked on her she was fast asleep, with no binkie.
That night I dreamt about finding binkies every where i tossed and turned, I never realized how much i really was attached to those things, The next day I neber said the "B" word, she had napped and sleeplt great, she hasnt ask fro them nor have I offered them to her. I am so happy to say my baby no longer has a binkie!


Birthday Eve

January 29, Today is Abby's birthday eve, I cant believe she will be 2 in the morning, my baby is growing to fast.Today we went to the mall and spent the money and gift card her Antie B and Great grandma Joyce gave her. Before we left for the mall, we made the cakes so they would be nice and cooled down for me to ice later tonight, the kids loved having some batter! look out bandit is on the prowl.
First we went to the Disney store, with the money she got from Great Grandma Joyce, she got some new princesses plates, and new play cell phone. she had so much fun running around grabbing everything she could.
After there, we went to build a bear since thats were Auntie B and Sheldon got her a gift card too, she had fun picking out her new friends, and her new clothes. She was so cute kissing the heart and putting it in the bear.
When we got all done since she did good, considering it was 6:00 and she hadn't napped all day, I bought a cookie for her to share.
Last picture of my one year old, wow tomorrow is another year of excitement , lets see where God takes us now!


A few things

So I have had a few things on my mind, maybe if I write them down I can get some insight and help or encouragement.
First thing is Abby going to preschool, she kinda is in one all ready but I would love to have a little mommy group were we all switch off on doing the weeks lesson at each other house, I wonder if anyone is doing this or teaches a class.
Also I have been thinking about becoming a substitute teacher I read this last night: http://www.nisd.net/hr/substitutes/faqs/preHire/
And from here say, you can make 75 dollars a day. I think this will get my foot in the door to see if I really want to be a teacher, and if I do then I can start school. But my question is, what to I do with my kids if I get called into work? Find a stay at home mom and have her be my back up?
My other thoughts are starting to watch a new kid, she pays 500.00 a month whether the kid is in my care or not, If i did watch her it would be from 2-10 pm M-F and she naps a little after 2 and goes to bed about 6:00, the mom is single and is on a swing rotation, so it probably wouldn't be any more then a few months that I have her. I would only have Abby, Benjamin and her for a few hours by myself, and I have been able to watch 3 klids before, then when samuel does come home from full time school, Candice will be home to help me, and dustun said he is willing to help me on his days off. I dont watch Samuel anymore, And for me I need to feel wanted and important and like I'm contributing to the house hold, I do undserstand that I'm raising two wonderful children, making sure the bills are paid, laundry is done, food is in house, and all is in order, but i want to have my "own" money to spend as I wish. I know people think that im crazy or that I might be taking on to much, but I kinda feel like I should.
And my last thoughts are Candice and Samuel continue to stay living with us, last week she went and applied for an apartment, and when i told dustun he was upset we didnt talk to him about it first, he was upset she and Samuel wanted to move, we as husband and wife discussed the pro's and con's of all of us staying living together we decide to them stay here, we know one of us will be getting orders to somewhere soon, so we will continue this living situation until one of us gets orders. We enjoy having each other around to help each other, yes it is crazy, but right now I cant think of anything better then having my best friend, my husband and Abby growing up with her best friend. Yes we get on each other nerves and there are fights, but you get that with any living situation.
So thats what in my mind currently, along with every other thing that goes along with being a good wife and mother.

first birthday school party

Abby had her first school party today, last night the cupcakes were made and frosted, and today as i sent Abby to school i brought in cupcakes for her and her classmates to enjoy. I wanted to come and have lunch with her but i was afraid she would get upset if i left her again, so i opted for her to stay and have fun with her class mates. When i picked her up she was excited to see me, she kept saying cupcake cupcake, her teacher miss Barbra said she took pictures so i cant wait to see them!
After school I took her and Benjamin to the park, she played with rocks the whole time, Benjamin ate the whole time, so all was typical on that. When we came home, I had her open her gift from her teacher, it was a little stuffed animal,a book and some other fun toy.
I cant belive she is almost 2 years old, it seems like just yesturday she was born, it has been a fun, crazy, adventurs 2 years, but I have loved every minute of it!
Happy soon to be birthday my little bug, mommy loves you!


my kids

I have put this blog to the side, as I have been keeping busy, my goal is to try and do at least one blog post a week, so this post will be about my kids, wow that is still weird to say.
Benjamin, is growing up so fast, he is rolling over, holding his head up, following you with his eyes, smiles, coo's, laughs, his two favorite things are being swaddled, and my boob. He is a co-sleeper, yes i know the cons to it, but i also know the pros to it, i do take extra safety steps, but it is easier for him to sleep right next to me, since he likes to stay up at night and loves to have me as his human pacifier.
He is growing so fast, his weight is good, he nurses like a pro, we were able to wait 5 1/2 weeks before he got his first bottle, it was bitter sweet, but I know he liked it and now I can have someone least to share the feeding at night, now to pump to get more of a storage. i love his so much, I feel very blessed to have him. Thank you God for trusting me with another one of your children.
Abigail, oh my gosh in a few days she will be 2, i have no idea to what to do for her, theme, gifts, or party, I wish i was closer to family so we can have a party, and last year was a bust no one showed up except Candice and Samuel, so I'm not wasting my time in hand making invites and playing and buying stuff (ok rant over)
Abby favorite things to do is color, dance, laugh, and have tantrums, working the tantrum part, it is so hard to deal with her some days. She is loving school, I'm loving her going, I love the art work, i love watching her interacted with other boys and girls, and ill be honest i love the "free" time i get.
She has moved to a big girl bed, i was scared, i had been reading on how and when to do it, i left the crib in there I figured i would let her choose which bed she wanted, but once she saw her big girl bed she never looked back to her "baby" bed, she stayed in bed the first night, the first nap, and everyday since, only once has she pulled out clothes out of her drawer, but i had her put them back and it hasn't happed again, she gets to read her books, she will either go to her bed or the chair and read, in the after noon sometimes he sleeps, sometime she just has her own hour of quiet time.
I am very blessed to have her, she is hard to deal with, but when she is happy it makes my day. I love her very much.

some pictures for your enjoyment;