Abigail had a great birthday this year, she was so happy and just like always very cute!
I decided to do a Barbie them, so I made her a Barbie cake.
She had some cool barbie birthday baloons.
And of course her new birthday special Barbie plate to eat her cake on.
We invite over her other friend Dallyn over to enjoy pizza and cake, I was also happy to have my friend Ashely over.
She got some new pretty plates and bowls, some headbands, a happy birthday build a bear, a new school back pack, sippy/treat cup, books and some other little toys. From Dustun and I we got her a barbie, a pillow for her big girl bed and we gave her some shirts and pants a little before her birthday, and from Doug and Nancy we put the money they gave us towards Abagail's own little recliner for her room. (cant wait to see it)
After presents, we had some of the yummy cake! This year Abby was excited to see it, last year she was unsure of it all, Dustun film it, candice brought her the cake I was busy feeding Ben, so I took some photos.
After that we called Great Grandma Bartschi, had had her sing Happy Birthday, which of course made me cry and think if Ben will hear it. Then we Skyped mom and dad, Abby was on a sugar high and so was every one else so it was crazy! lol
Then we went outside and played in the ball pit, in the cars and on the slide, hey we had to try and wear the kids out and get rid of the sugar in the system.
Her best gift is her baby brother being here to enjoy it with her.
All in all we had a great day, a great birthday, I'm excited to see what new things Abby does in the next year.
From the Calrsen we say, love you!

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