first birthday school party

Abby had her first school party today, last night the cupcakes were made and frosted, and today as i sent Abby to school i brought in cupcakes for her and her classmates to enjoy. I wanted to come and have lunch with her but i was afraid she would get upset if i left her again, so i opted for her to stay and have fun with her class mates. When i picked her up she was excited to see me, she kept saying cupcake cupcake, her teacher miss Barbra said she took pictures so i cant wait to see them!
After school I took her and Benjamin to the park, she played with rocks the whole time, Benjamin ate the whole time, so all was typical on that. When we came home, I had her open her gift from her teacher, it was a little stuffed animal,a book and some other fun toy.
I cant belive she is almost 2 years old, it seems like just yesturday she was born, it has been a fun, crazy, adventurs 2 years, but I have loved every minute of it!
Happy soon to be birthday my little bug, mommy loves you!

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