Bye Bye Binkie

Well I did it, I got rid of Abigail binkie, I have wanted to get rid of it since she was 6 moths old, but I always found a reason not to, such as, we are living in strange place, we are moving, she is teething, I am starting to babysit another baby, teething, well soon I was the one attached to it, every time I though about getting rid of it I would get nervous and be afraid of her not sleeping or her crying and me loosing my mind, I knew it was a quick fix, if she was fussy or tired i gave it to her an poof problem "gone" I have always been good about it, she wasnt one of those kids that always had it in there mouth, she got it in the car when needed, and always at nap/bed time, and sometimes just when she was a bit fussy. If you would told her to take it out to talk, she would, if you told her to put in back in her bed with her baby doll she would. I have gotten close and "tried" to get rid of it before, I almost cut the nipple so she would like it but soon my head got to me and I freaked out at the though of how she might be with out it, so i put the scissor down and popped her binkie back in her mouth and laid her down to bed.
I knew I had to get rid of soon I wanted it gone before she was 2, and all of a sudden when I laid her down for bed, I did everything we always do, books, song, prayer, gave her dolly and her sippy of milk, I told her she was a big girl and didnt need binkies, I gave her a kiss and walked out, I was scared i went downstairs in my bathroom turned the fan on to tune out the crying and screaming, after i read a few articles and I was hopping it was all over i came out, asked how long she had been upset, and to my surprise she didnt make a peep, later that night i went it and looked on her she was fast asleep, with no binkie.
That night I dreamt about finding binkies every where i tossed and turned, I never realized how much i really was attached to those things, The next day I neber said the "B" word, she had napped and sleeplt great, she hasnt ask fro them nor have I offered them to her. I am so happy to say my baby no longer has a binkie!

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