Full Term Baby!

Today I am 37 weeks, which is full term, I cant believe how fast this pregnancy has been, when I did my first blog I had a shrimp size baby 3 inches long and weight about an ounce

and now today Abby is 6 1/3 pounds and 19 inches long.

I have been getting things ready, I have installed the car seat, washed her clothes folded and put them away, I have washed her blankets, car seat cover and anything else she might lay on or wear. I have packed her diaper bag, and my hospital bag is almost packed.

I went to the store yesterday and bought some super cute fabric to make a baby sling and a nursing cover. I was going to make them to day but I have been cleaning out the laundry room and posting things for sell on craigslist. I'll post pictures once they are made.

So I have a question for you all, when I get time I am going to make a poll to put on the side bar but for now my question is:

When will Abigail be born?

January 11th (full moon)
January 21st (due date)
January 26th (new moon)

Well I would love to type more but I am SO TIRED. I am not sure what dustun and I are doing tonight for new years eve, what are your plans and what are your resolutions?


The dryer ate my sock......

Well not really, but my washer did eat my blankets. Dustun and I were dog sitting for the last week and I wanted to wash all the Christmas toys, place mates, well I figured it wasn't very much to wash so I figured I would throw my blankets in the wash also to get all the dog hair off. when I opened the washer and this is what I found. It has taken me about on hour to babysit the dryer, and rinse the washer out. I had to stop the dryer every 10 minuted to clean the lint trap out, I was so afraid of a fire starting. Finally my washer is clean, my original load is clean, and the lint trap is clean out. wow what a process to wash a few things.

All the lint from the filter. I am still sneezing blue lint, lol

Bandit and Bella, just chilling on the couch.


thoughts on being pregnant

wow, I am a few days from being full term. It feels like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. These months have flown by so fast. People are always asking me or Dustun so are you ready to get that baby out? I have a hard time answering that because I do want to meet her and hold her and kiss her, but I have really enjoyed my pregnancy, I feel very lucky to be able to be pregnant.
I have very little or no problems, my morning sickness was not fun, but it only last until about my 9th week, I have had very little heartburn, and when I do it is cause I just ate a heavy/spicy food right before bed, I pop a few tums or drink a little glass of milk and I am good to go. I haven't had to many Charley horses, and just lately my sciatic nerve acts up, but after some yoga stretching it goes away with in few hours, my feet have only gotten swollen if I have over worked them, and my back has only hurting if I have done to much, my weight and blood pressure and sugar have all been right where they need to be.
My only problems are I am always hungry, I make me something and I can't finish it, then a few hours later I am starving, Sometimes when I lay down my lungs feel as if they are collapsing so it makes me cough.
I have been able to keep to working, I have been able to sleep pretty good, and I can still work out, I take bandit for walks, granted everything I do I can do it. It my take me all day to do a small project but I can do it.
I have been in the nesting stage and feel as if I have so many things that I NEED to do so I go to bed then a few hours I wake up either due to needing to pee or eat (usually both) then I lay there for a few hours thinking oh I should clean this out, put this here, do this project, finish this scrapbook, make this for dinners, make my birth plan, vacuum the stairs, wash the sheets, do I have everything she needs, How will our lives change, will the house sell, when do we sell the house, where will we all be in 5 months here or there, what if we cant sell the house, is the car seat in correctly, will I know if I am in labor, I really need to sleep, aggggg, finally I pass out from exhaustion only to be woken up by Dustun's alarm and needing to pee and eat again.
I have "to do" list coming out of my ears, and I know that laying there in the middle of the night I cant do them and if I go to bed I can wake up and work on my list, but I just sit there and think about everything under the sun. I think that if I get the few big to do things of my list I can sleep, but then again I may find more tings to add to my list. what a cycle.


Christmas date on the riverwalk

We decided to go down to the river walk to see the beautiful Christmas lights they have, and so we could have a nice night out, it was kinda a Christmas present to each other.

The lights at the riverwalk.

We had a nice dinner out on the river walk, dustun had the Broiled Seafood Platter - Lemon pepper catfish fillet, shrimp and stuffed shrimp, stuffed crab, scallops and crab fingers with rice pilaf, so good, and I had the Seafood Salad - With shrimp, crab fingers, smoked salmon and jumbo lump crabmeat, man oh man it was so good the shrimp were so big, and the smoked salmon was stuffed with cream cheese and capers, it was so yummy!

The big Christmas tree in front of the Alamo, it was a teacher theme this year

We are so cute!

I had such a good night, I am looking forward to being able to take Abigail to see and experience all these things, but I know that it will be harder to do, so I am also enjoying the just Dustun and I time we have.
I love you Dustun!


Christmas 2008

Here are some pictures of some Christmas decoration around our house. I love Christmas!



my lovely necrotic dog and my tired husband

so many things are going through my head right now, I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to say what I want with it all making some scene, then i realize it is 2:30am and I have not slept and I have been upset/stressed/pissed for the last hour and half, so i figure what the heck if this post does not make scene that fine, it doesn't need to.

I have been trying to crate train my lovely necrotic dog, since the day I came home from vacation, (more on way I am doing that later) I have read and read and read on how to crate train your pet, both adult and puppy, it says it is possible to do, it may take days or months, apparently i am on the month route.

The first day I bring the crate home, i let him explore it I throw toys in there or treats, he goes in just fine, sometimes just his head sometimes his whole body, but he goes in, the next step put him in there, and shut the door, so i do that, i start out in small increments of time, over the days i have been building up, one day he was in there while i sewed cleaned and went about my normal day he was in there for 4 hours, never made a peep, (good dog)

Well wE cant leave him in the crate while we are gone, why? well because he is my lovely necrotic dog who try's to chew his way out, a few years ago when i tried this crate training thing he broke his tooth down to the root, well now he is chewing on the plastic, and making his mouth blood by cutting up his gum's, i came home from running errands gone maybe 1 1/2 hours, let him out, tell him to go potty, as he is jumping on me and I am ignoring him i see he has something all over his white beard, when he goes out side i lift the crate and find blood and chew marks, i am pissed and upset. What am i suppose to do? he goes in freely, he CAN stay in there with out whinnying, but apparently not while we are gone, so i say screw it i will not leave him the crate while we are gone.

So he doesn't seem to mind going or being in the kennel while we are home so lets put him in there to sleep at night, we feed him make him go potty, take him for walks, play with him to wear him out of energy before bed. Have him go in the crate for his treat, and cue the whinnying, some nights it is for about 2 minutes and some nights he whines for HOURS with out stop. last night he whined and whined dustun was getting so upset cause he needed to get up in 4 hours, Well i know i cant take him out while he is whinnying or else he'll think if i whine i am free, so i grab my robe, my pillow and my lovely necrotic dog and go out on the hallway floor to sleep, and what happens? bandit shuts up curls up and goes to bed, agggg why cant you do that two hours ago in the bedroom???

So tonight, he gose in his crate and whines and whines, dustun of course goes to bed no problem I am trying to tune him out all the while saying he'll stop any minute, well about 120 minutes pass nope not stopping, I get frustrated so i put the crate in the bathroom turn on the fan and climb back into bed, ha i think you though being 2 feet away and being able to smell and hear us was so terrible, now what do you think dog? cue the really loud whinnying, barking scratching, agggggg, i am never going to win. I go in to the bathroom sit on the floor I am still ignoring him, and what does he do? stops whining curls up and gos to bed, now at this point I am so frustrated i start crying saying to myself or to the dog I am not sure at this point, why why why? you go in and out, you can stay in there with out whining your as close as you can get to us in the bed room, what do i do put a night light in your crate, sleep with the lights on so you can see us? pull your voice box out? why are you so dumb? why cant you give in? why is this so hard?

Well here come the braxton hicks contractions and i start thinking crap, if i go into pre-term labor over this lovely neurotic dog I am going to be really pissed, so i try and clam myself down i tell myself well he has not whined for 30 minutes we have been the bathroom so i let him out, i go into the bedroom and spray my bed with relaxing mist and tell dustun if he wants to wait to meet his daughter rub my back to relax me.

Part two of why I am still up:

He rubs my back for all of 2 minutes, I am trying too vent to him basically everything i have written above and he get in his angry, tired voice that make me want to smack him around, i tell him i just need him to listen to me and to rub my back. I start to calm down a bit, and of course since i am up and have been for a while I realize i am starving, so i ask dustun to make me a peanut butter sandwich and small glass of chocolate milk to sooth my burning form heartburn throat, he gets up and is just grumbling saying, i am tired, and something, something, something, I just lay there saying don't get mad don't get mad, well he brings me the food and the liquid chocolate with a dash of milk in it and rolls over and goes to bed, he doesn't ask how am doing, or doesn't keep rubbing me, aggggg so i start rubbing my leg against his as if i am a cricket, he asks in his lovely voice, what do you have a cramp or something?, i calmly say no, i am just pretending your rubbing me, he says i did rub you, i say ok i cant sleep i am going down stairs. well for the last 40 or so minutes i have been down here, has he came down to check on me? or to ask what he can do? nope he needs to sleep he is tired, well my god so am I, I have been up tonight all night, and last night up until 2:00 and I am pregnant and exhausted, and Abigail is kicking so hard it cant sleep, my back hurts no matter how i trying laying and I have become the fire breathing dragon again, but I need to let him sleep, I can't disturb him.

I am upset at him cause i have told him stress can couse preterm labor, and he knows i am stressed and he seems to not care, he is tired, at this point i am so tired and the hormones are raging all i want to do is go upstairs and pick a fight, but i know how it will go down and so do you Amanda I guess you cant come get me if i call you you tonight.

So what do i do? well I will post this, and say ok i have vented I am done, then i will get on my knees and talk to my father in heaven and ask for his help then i will take some deep cleaning breaths, and then go upstairs in my nice warm bed and go to sleep, I will not stress about the dog, I will will not fight with Dustun And I will sleep like a baby.


Since I have been home

Ok So I posted all my blogs from our trip, finally.
I have been so slow because I have been on go mode since walking back through our Texas home doors. I have been working, going to a scentsy party, going to a relief society progressive Christmas dinner, unpacking our suite cases, work, child classes, laundry, cookie exchanges, work, doing my Christmas cards, work, visiting with neighbors, hanging things in Abigail room, washing folding, organizing all her clothes, work, making Christmas stockings for my vising teaching ladys and our home teacher, working on other craft projects and now today I have another child class, and tomorrow is the ward Christmas party, that I am helping set up.
I think my real first day of is this Saturday! I am so excited! The furnace is getting turned up, the hair is getting pulled back, no make up will be put on, and the eating glazed croissants and drinking hot chocolate and movie watching is going on! Oh happy day!

Park City

On November 16th, mom, dad, Amanda, Dustun and I all went for a drive up to Park city. We ate at a fun Mexican restaurant and walked around, we also stopped at the rocky mountain chocolate factory for a piece of candy. It wasa cold but beautiful day.

Other activitys

Some other things we did while were home were, go to Travis's foot ball banquet, Dustun went bird hunting with his mom and dad, Bergen made the best salmon dinner, went to craft fairs, drove around, had Sunday dinner with Aunt Mino, Neil and Kami and mom and dad, took Travis to the airport at 5:00 am so he could go to Washington DC. Had and early morning breakfast with mom and dad. Watched movies on the couch with mom. Went to lunch with Larsen, Dustun went to Larsen house to watch/ play on the TV, Listen to dad play the guitar and sing, Played Frisbee with Babs the flying dog. I know the time we spend went by super fast, but I enjoyed everyday!
I cant wait till we are closer so we don't have to "cram" so much in.

Date day and night!

Dustun and I had a date we went to see the movie Bolt on Nov. 28, it was so cute we were able to see it in 3-d at the mega-plex.
Later that night, we had a fun double date, we went with this very fun, and funny couple my mom and dad. We all bundled up and headed down for the opening of the Christmas lights at temple square, I love going to look at the lights it is so beautiful, we were also able to take a horse drawn carriage ride around.
I wish we were are able to see and do more but, with dad needing to work so late and the lights turning off at 10:00 we didn't get to stay very late, but it was worth the trip and a very fun double date!


This years Thanksgiving was so much better then last years, for one Dustun was with me, we were with all of our family's, and Doug is better this year then last year.
We were lucky enough to have two thanksgivings, we had the first one at my aunt Susie's house, then we went to mom and dad for our second dinner!
Of course we ate turkey, ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cheese ball, veggies, and many other munchies.

This year I am thankful fro many things, I am thankful for Dustun, Abigail, and all of my family. I love everyone so much, and I am so happy to have been able to spend this day with you.

vacation on vacation

I wanted to surprise Dustun with a little romantic getaway from our vacation, so I asked mom if she had enough credits for a night stay at the Bear lake condos. So we got it all booked and set up, I got all the food ready and made him a cute invitation to join me! So on the morning of November 25th, I handed him the envelope with the invitation. We got ready and off we went.
We stopped and La Beaus to eat the best burgers and fries ever, we checked into the condo and once we were inside we opened all the doors and cupboards and turned on the fireplace and furnace, we even did a load of laundry just cause we could!
For dinner we made steak out on the grill and we had potatoes and sprinkling cider. The food was so good! The next morning I woke up ans started making breakfast, I made bacon and eggs and toast and of course more cider.
Once we checked out, we took the long way home, as were driving I saw two moose I made dustun flip around so I could get a picture. They were so close to us and they were big and beautiful.
It was a much needed time away for just us. Thanks mom for letting us use some credits!

Grandma is 83!

My beautiful, sweet, grandma Bartschi turned 83 years young on November 22 2008.
I am so happy to have all my grandparents around, and I was so happy to be able to celebrate her birthday with her this year. All her daughters and a few of the grand and great-grandkids were able to come to olive garden to eat and laugh and wish her a happy birthday.

Twilight movie night!

On November 22, Amanda, Julie and I, all went to see the movie twilight. I was so excited to see it with my friend and sister, we went to the mega-plex in Ogden so our seats were all ready bought and reserved, so no need to get there super early.
Before we went to the movie, all of us, the boys and kids and us, went to the pizza factory to eat some pizza, and the biggest bread sticks ever! It was so nice to get together with some friends of ours from Texas, I wish I had more time to hang out and do more things with my friends, but like I said this trip just like they always do turn into a whirl winds, and before you know it your back home and saying wow what just happened?!

So the movie was good, I have seen it twice now, I went with Amanda and mom an another night. I enjoyed the movie, but I enjoyed watching all the different type of people coming to see the movie you saw tweens, and really old lady's like 80 years old, and some lady's just got out of the movie and were back for the second time in row. I am excited to see the second one, maybe I'll be back home again to watch it with my friends and family again!

Spudnut and bowling day!

On November 18th, we (mom and I) decided we would make spudnuts, I have only had them once, and neither one of us have ever made them before. So we got Grandma Price's recipe and went to work (key word work) we started at 11 am and was about done by 7:30 pm. My grandma was a lunch lady so the recipe she had she cut it in half, so our recipes only made 200 spudnuts! It takes so long because you have to mix, then rise, then punch down then rise until it has doubled in size them you roll it out and cut the spudnut out, then you wait fort them to double in size then you fry then up and then ice them. Mom and I did the mixing and raising and dustun and I did the frying and icing. It was so much fun but I will never do them by myself!

A Spudnut is a potato flour donut, a folk recipe that traces back to Germany.The term spudnut, referring to the potato in the donut recipe ("spud" nuts). Originally made with mashed potatoes.

This day Dustun, Travis and I all went to the bowling alley, this has been a fun tradition that we have always done since we moved and come back to visit. I was afraid of pulling a muscle throwing the ball, so I asked for the kiddy ramp, so all I did was put the ball on top of the slide and push it down gravity did the rest of the work for me.


still here.

I am still here, I have been on vaction for the last little bit, so I have been slow on posting anything. Once I get home and get a minute, then I will post so many enterys your going to wish I would go awaya again!
Hope you you all have had a great few weeks, and great thanksgiving! Are you getting ready for Christmas?