Other activitys

Some other things we did while were home were, go to Travis's foot ball banquet, Dustun went bird hunting with his mom and dad, Bergen made the best salmon dinner, went to craft fairs, drove around, had Sunday dinner with Aunt Mino, Neil and Kami and mom and dad, took Travis to the airport at 5:00 am so he could go to Washington DC. Had and early morning breakfast with mom and dad. Watched movies on the couch with mom. Went to lunch with Larsen, Dustun went to Larsen house to watch/ play on the TV, Listen to dad play the guitar and sing, Played Frisbee with Babs the flying dog. I know the time we spend went by super fast, but I enjoyed everyday!
I cant wait till we are closer so we don't have to "cram" so much in.

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