Since I have been home

Ok So I posted all my blogs from our trip, finally.
I have been so slow because I have been on go mode since walking back through our Texas home doors. I have been working, going to a scentsy party, going to a relief society progressive Christmas dinner, unpacking our suite cases, work, child classes, laundry, cookie exchanges, work, doing my Christmas cards, work, visiting with neighbors, hanging things in Abigail room, washing folding, organizing all her clothes, work, making Christmas stockings for my vising teaching ladys and our home teacher, working on other craft projects and now today I have another child class, and tomorrow is the ward Christmas party, that I am helping set up.
I think my real first day of is this Saturday! I am so excited! The furnace is getting turned up, the hair is getting pulled back, no make up will be put on, and the eating glazed croissants and drinking hot chocolate and movie watching is going on! Oh happy day!

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