Twilight movie night!

On November 22, Amanda, Julie and I, all went to see the movie twilight. I was so excited to see it with my friend and sister, we went to the mega-plex in Ogden so our seats were all ready bought and reserved, so no need to get there super early.
Before we went to the movie, all of us, the boys and kids and us, went to the pizza factory to eat some pizza, and the biggest bread sticks ever! It was so nice to get together with some friends of ours from Texas, I wish I had more time to hang out and do more things with my friends, but like I said this trip just like they always do turn into a whirl winds, and before you know it your back home and saying wow what just happened?!

So the movie was good, I have seen it twice now, I went with Amanda and mom an another night. I enjoyed the movie, but I enjoyed watching all the different type of people coming to see the movie you saw tweens, and really old lady's like 80 years old, and some lady's just got out of the movie and were back for the second time in row. I am excited to see the second one, maybe I'll be back home again to watch it with my friends and family again!

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