Baby shower

On November 15th was my baby shower, I had so much fun. I had all my family there and a few friends, I had when i lived in California and in Texas. We talked, laughed, and ate. It was so much fun, I never thought this day would be here for me.
Well Abigail got very spoiled already, she got so many cute things, outfits, blankets, accessories, and toys, lets just say I wish I could wear some of these things!
I want to thank all of you who came out to show your love and support, I really appreciate it. And thank you again for all the many lovely things you gave.
I wish I could have spent more time with you all, but just like that day, the rest of my vacation was a whirl wind!



I have been wanting to make some dresses for our Abby bug, so I went and bought some different patterns and all the fabric, lace, buttons and zippers that I needed. well I have had all that for a few months, I do not understand how to put the pattern together, I get frustrated so I fold it back up and put it away then I pull it out again thinking maybe today I'll know what I should do, nope. Well I have a very lovely lady in my ward that is helping me, she is going to be doing the dresses for me, lets just say I don't think I'll be buying any more patterns.

Well I was going through some remnants of fabric and decided to make up my own pattern I looked on line got a few ideas then I altered them just a bit. I made 3 dresses. they look cute. I am going to keep messing with the pattern to make the dresses a bit different form the other.


Veterans Day 11/11/08

I want to thank all the men and women who have and who are currently serving in the military. We all appreciate all of your hard work, dedication and sacrifice you have done.

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ob apt 29+5

Today I had my OB apt. everything is looking good, her heart beat was in the 140's, and my fundal height is measuring at 30 weeks. My blood pressure is good and my weight gain is right on track. So I am very happy, I also got my results back form my glucose test, I passed it so that means I don't have to go in and have the 3 hour test done and that means no medication! I did get a prescription of heartburn medicine, there are some nights it is bad, but it is manageable, but I figure I would rather have the medication and not need it then not have and need it.

Today we were able to view the birthing suites, they are actually pretty nice, we also watch a birthing video, it was acutely an animated one, so nothing to gross, but the lady next to me looked ad if she was going to pass out, her eyes were huge, I patted her on the shoulder and said, "are you ready for that?" she looked at me and just shook her head no, I laughed and said well your about 7 months to late, so get ready.

I feel Abigail moving all the time. We have had 3 ultrasounds they have been trying to get a picture of her face, but she has her face into my back, I have tried sugar, caffeine, and food, they have had me basically upside down and on my side but she stays laying with her bum up, she is already stubborn, the ultrasound tech said she must like the sound of my Vena Cava. I am getting so excited to see her.

After my apt I went and got dustun from work and we had lunch and the chow hall, it was really good.

So far today has been a pretty good day!


EQ camping trip.

This weekend we had the elders quarm (sp?) camp out, we went a to the Garner state park. It was so much fun, I wanted to go camping one last time this season, and to go with some freinds from church made it even more fun.
Here are some high lights of out trip.

We get up to our campsite and have no idea who the reservation is under, after naming about 5 different people we found the reservation and we get our campsite. We set up our tent amazing with no problems and no grumbling on either one our parts. I go to set up the bed, and apparently I grabbed the wrong air mattress, instead of the queen I grabbed the twin, so two adults one pregnant have to try and share a small bed for the night, that was amazing, lets just say we stayed pretty toasty curled up with each other, I mean it was cold (34 degrees). we slept in two pairs of pants, two shirts, a sweater and two socks, lets just say having many layers on hinders your movements, add that to all ready having a giant ball in your belly trying to get your shoes on so you can go pee in the middle of the freezing night gives you a huge charily horse. Under the circumstances I slept pretty good.

We were all on our own for dinner, our camp buddies made hobo dinners I had made lemon chicken and pasta salad earlier that day so we had a very good cold dinner! then we made s'mores, man those things are so good!

For breakfast we all ate together we had pancakes and bacon, juice and of course hot chocolate. we all sat around eating by the campfire talking about how we all tried to stay warm.

After breakfast we cleaned up our campsite on we went on our merry way of exploring, it took us an hour and half to get to the campsite and it took us about 5 hours to get home, we like driving around and exploring. We stopped at this one little town and went to go into this kinda cool looking antique store, well we walked in and and giggled it was a cross between a pawn shop, thrift store, DI drop off, and antiques. it was funny. well on our way out I see a little flyer that says craft fair, she tells us were to go, I was so excited. so we drive to it and get out we walk in and the things I see and smell make me want to stop in my tracks (not in a good way) but since all the nice old ladies who made these "lovely" crafts are eagerly waiting to sell something we politely walk around the 5 tables with two things on them, then we leave, we start laughing the second we get in the car, dustun kept saying he was sorry I kept saying don't worry about it the craft fair was lame but so worth going to.

We continue our road trip, it was so pretty I acutely was able to see fall colors on the trees it was amazing. We pulled off the side of the road and had the rest of our dinner from last night and enjoyed the quiet breeze.

We also saw this tiny deer with the biggest antlers, it was amazing we kept trying to get closer but it kept going away from us.

We had so much fun, and enjoyed every minute of the day.

Enjoy some pictures of our day!


Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake

I made this today, and Dustun and I just ate some,it is very good, dustun even liked it and he HATES pumpkin pie. I am going to be adding this to my fall recipes, and I am going to be making it for thanksgiving this year!

Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake

1−1/2 cups graham crumbs
5 Tbsp. butter, melted
1 Tbsp. sugar

3 − 8oz. pkgs. cream cheese, softened
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1 cup canned pumpkin
3 eggs
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. allspice
Whipped Cream

Mix crust ingredients together, just till coated and crumbly. Press onto the bottom and 2/3 up the sides of an 8" springform pan. Bake for 5 mins. at 350. Set aside. Combine cheese, sugar and vanilla in large bowl, mix until smooth with an electric mixer. add pumpkin eggs,and spices, beat till smooth and creamy. Pour into the crust. Bake for 60−70 mins.or till the top turns a bit darker. Remove from oven and allow to come to room temperature, then refrigerate. After it has thoroughly chilled, remove the pan sides and cut.
Serve with whipped cream. and caramel sauce. I also had some extra crumbs from the crust so I just sprinkled them on top.


Gross content, read at your own risk.

Ok so before I begin let me throw out another warning, this post is full of bodily functions of the lovely flu, so read at your own risk, and you may not want to be eating. Also this post may be in random order, but whatever.

I have never really had the flu, but I know when I do get it I hate it.
I had the laparoscopy nissan surgery a few years ago, and I have not really thrown up since then.
Even in my morning sickness days the only 3 times I did throw up was because I was so hungry and ate so fast that it did a bounce back so it never really hurt to throw up.
I did get a flu shot this year.

I went babysitting on Wednesday and Cody was throwing up, so here I was trying to comfort a sick child, and help him puke up nothing. I didn't know what to do, so I call mom at 8:00 am her time and ask her for motherly advise. All I have to say is I am very thankful that I didn't have to clean up anything, it was all spit and bile, pretty much the same thing I can clean up from bandit.

Enter Friday, I was sitting here and I didn't feel very well so I went to the bathroom did my business and still felt like crap, so I told Dustun I was going to go lay down for a bit, I passed out asleep. Soon I woke up and yelled for dustun, I need a barf bucket, so he come in hands me a empty tote, and then I start throwing up, He was there trying not to breath in, pushing my bangs back and rubbing my back, Can I say if you have dairy in your stomach then you get sick, it is the worst hings to throw up, I literally thought I was going to die from a blocked throat because of it. usually for me once I get the first upchuck out of the way I feel better, well not so much, I passed out asleep again, only to be awakened by the evil flu monster.
I was in bed from 2 in the afternoon until 8:00 am then next day, The whole night I was running to the bathroom to have a BM or to throw up, I was trying my best to get hydrated, because I really didn't want to go to Labor and delivery.

Well I ended up going anyways. I was telling dustun about the amount of times and color and the consistency of everything, he was with up until I said it was my last BM was black, he goggled then handed me the phone and said call labor and delivery, I told them and she said, oh black is not good, come in now. (Crap) So I try to wash my face and try to brush my teeth and try to get dressed, but everything is so hard to do, I am hungry, Abigail is kicking me, I hurt and I tore a muscle. I was a mess.

We get to labor and delivery, they watch her heart beat for 30 min, she is good, and I am having no contractions, they make sure no amniotic fluids are leaking, my hydration level is good, they take my blood and do and bum examination to see if I still have black stool.

Black stool-Black, tarry stools with a foul odor can be the result of eating certain foods, taking iron supplements, or possibly from internal bleeding. If the black color is from blood, it is known as "melena." The dark color indicates that the blood has been in the body for some time, and is coming from higher up in the gastrointestinal tract.

Knowing that it could be from blood and I have not thrown up since my surgery I was nervous, but not as much as Dustun, since he sees NICU babies everyday, he was so scared that they were going to have to take her out and to some repair surgery on me. I stayed pretty calmed, after all if the damage is done worrying is not going to do anything but raise my blood pressure which puts pressure on Abby.

We wait for all the test to come back, so they can either tell us to go or stay. (poor dustun has been up since 2:00pm in the afternoon on Friday it is now 11:00am Saturday. We finally get home at 3:00pm dustun has to wake up at 4:30pm to work, until 7:00 am Sunday morning. so he had a total of 1 1/2 hours of sleep in 48 hours. Did I mention that I love you, thanks for everything.)

Well all the test came back normal, no blood which is good, so why was my stool black? well after being there and tested on the nurse said maybe the pepto bismol did it? I guess it must have been it, although it was in my system not even a half hour before it was back up in my empty tote. I wish she would have said that when I called her I would have went in if I had another black BM or if my throw up was bloody. Oh well peace of mind, and note to self don't take pepto anymore.

I feel better today, all though my back is killing me and my torn/pulled muscle hurts and I feel as if I have done a million sit ups.

I hope I don't get the flu bug again.


You can vote however you like.

Here is a video of an interview with the kids, I feel if we all learned something from these kids the world would be better.


Here are the lyrics:

Obama on the left
McCain on the right
We can talk politics all night
And you can vote however you like
You can vote however you like, yeah

Democratic left
Republican right
November 4th we decide
And you can vote however you like
You can vote however you like, yeah

(McCain supporters)
McCain's the best candidate
With Palin as his running mate
They'll fight for gun rights, pro life,
The conservative right
Our future is bright
Better economy in site
And all the world will feel our military might

(Obama supporters)
But McCain and Bush are real close right
They vote alike and keep it tight
Obama's new, he's younger too
The Middle Class he will help you
He'll bring a change, he's got the brains
McCain and Bush are just the same
You are to blame, Iraq's a shame
Four more years would be insane

Lower your Taxes - you know Obama Won't
PROTECT THE LOWER CLASS - You know McCain won't!
Have enough experience — you know that they don't
STOP GLOBAL WARMING — you know that you won't

I want Obama
Stick with McCain and you're going to have some drama
We need it
He'll be it
We'll do it
Let's move it

Obama on the left
McCain on the right
We can talk politics all night
And you can vote however you like
You can vote however you like, yeah

Democratic left
Republican right
November 4th we decide
And you can vote however you like, I said
You can vote however you like, yeah

I'm talking big pipe lines, and low gas prices
Below $2.
00 that would be nice

But to do it right we gotta start today
Finding renewable ways that are here to stay

I want Obama
Stick wit McCain you gone have some drama
Iran he will attack
We gotta vote Barack!

Obama on the left
McCain on the right
We can talk politics all night
And you can vote however you like, I said
You can vote however you like, yeah

Democratic left
Republican right
November 4th we decide
And you can vote however you like, I said
You can vote however you like, yeah

Remember to vote tomorrow, It is our future, we need to help choose our leaders, and remember we also need to know both sides, cause someone is going to win.

You can vote however you like.