Oh Pancakes!

I'm just going to rant a little so bear with me on this.

I realize I'm a little finicky when it comes to making things or things in general. I don't know why. Crystal says that I like things to be perfect or finished at least. Like with the Rubik's Cube. I fumbled with that thing for months trying to figure it out until I did. How about the Malt-O-Meal that I only seem to get right once in awhile? Well that brings me to tonight's event: Pancakes. I've made'em before? Sure. First time I made pancakes that I can remember was back when I lived in California. My friend J.T. and I made ourselves and his mom breakfast. We made the pancakes basically from his memory. Yeah...they were raw in the middle. Either we poured them too thick or it was the batter. I don't know. I know we didn't get sick though, so that's good. I think perhaps this is why I got so upset at myself tonight.

You see I was sitting upstairs on this very computer just listening to random music and reading stuff on the internet. Crystal says from downstairs that she's hungry. I asked her what she wanted to which she replied "pancakes". So off I went to the kitchen to make her a nice batch of pancakes. Here's where things went wrong...to me. I saw the mix powder was just barely enough to use without opening a whole new one. No big deal. Then I went to measure the milk. Oh no! The one I like to use for liquids...actually our only one that has liquid measurements was used last night to make cupcakes. No big deal, it just was used to measure a little oil, which I was going to measure anyway. So I measured the milk. Then comes the oil. What's this? The liquid measurer only had 6tsp as a minimum and my mix needs 2. Ugh?! So I went ahead and grabbed out what I thought was a 1/4 tsp measure "cup". It was so tiny! I measured out 1 "tsp" and then realized something...it said 1/4 Tsp. DOH! So I did a quick test to a dirty 1 tsp measurer and saw it sorta evened out a little over 1 tsp with 4 of the 1/4 Tsp. Ok so it might need more oil...or not? So I decided to not add anymore. I was starting to get a little frustrated though. That was, until the egg. I grabbed out an egg from the fridge and cracked it into a clear glass cup to check for shell pieces. I grabbed out a few pieces that I saw and was about to pour it in when I saw these little tiny things floating in the egg. Were they egg shell bits? I have no idea but they sure did get me ruffled up. So I attempted to pour the egg without those bits into the mix as I didn't want to waste an egg. Then I got all frustrated cause I saw some go into the mix and started yelling about the shell bits. I was mad at this point. I cracked another egg into a new glass and it was a clean break unlike the first egg where I had to tap it a few times. What did I see? More tiny little things...I was like UGUUU!HHHGHHHGHHAHHHHH!!!!! I poured just a little of the clear egg part into the batter to counter how much off the last egg I didn't put in. I was lost at this point. I don't know for the life of me why this all ruffled me up but it did. I already had the pancakes poured by the time Crystal came in the kitchen wanting to take charge of the project. I ended up being stubborn as a mountain and finished cooking the pancakes. She went upstairs not wanting to deal with me. I left the pancakes out to cool when I was done baking them and went upstairs. Crystal later tossed'em and made a bowl of cereal.

So what did we get out of the end off all this? A whole lot of empty stomach, a happy garbage, a bucket load of hurt feelings.

I'm sorry about the whole thing. Part of the reason why I posted this. I feel like such a mule. I don't mean to be mad at myself about things that I do. I can't help it when things turn sour on something and so do I. I'm going to try my best though. I guess in the end...it's what I need to remember? One can only try their best, they can't be the best. That'd be God.

Love you honey.

- D


Trunk or treat? maybe not....

So this weekend we had the annual trunk or treat and chili cook off. Dustun and I decided we would go, I had asked many adults if they were dressing up and they said yes. So dustun and I got in our costumes, he dressed up as a pirate, and I put my Pumpkin on. I was so excited to go eat chili, help with doing some games and talking to people, and of course checking out all the cute costumes. Well as we pull up we see no adults dressed up, only children, we already felt out of place since we do not have our little bug with us, so I sat there and thought about it, then I said never mind lets go home, I could tell Dustun felt bad for me, I was so excited to go. So on the way home I remembered Papa Murphys was doing their pumpkin shaped pizza, so we went and got the pizza, and watched a scary movie, so had our own little Halloween weekend.


life changes your thoughts.

Funny how life changes things, when your dating you think the best present would be box chocolates and roses, but when your pregnant hurting and craving something, anything, and your hubby brings these home to you think he is a God.

Love you Dustun thanks for helping me! I love you more then you will ever know. xoxox

Rice crispy treats

Yesterday I made rice crispy treats with Cody, he loves those pre-made pre-packed ones, so I figured he would enjoy making them. Making them with a 2 year it takes longer and it causes a mess, but he had so much fun and I have to admit I did too, you sometimes forget the simple things when making things and he brought out the fun in it.
I had him dump the mini marshmallows in the pan, he had to stop a lot to make sure that the marshmallows were good, (they were very fresh, mmmm) He was so amazed at watching the mini marshmallows disappear, I had him throw something away and when he came back all it is was marshmallow goo, he was like oh no..... he was so sad. Then he poured the rice crispy in the pan but well he tried they mostly ended up on the stove top.
We enjoyed eating them! It was a lot of fun.

So happy to help.

Carefully dumping them in the pan.

making sure they're good

Here is a video of Cody, every time I asked him what we should do for the day he did this.


Date night at home

Last night Dustun and I had date night at home. We went to the comic book store and got his weekly comics, then we went to party city so I could buy some things for my baby shower, then we went to McDonald's for ice cream. Dustun got a m&m shake I got a pralines and cream blue bell ice cream cone. Then we went to Chipolets to get a huge burrito for us to share.

We came home and watch Grey's anatomy, we played the Wii, I kicked his butt bowling (and who is on the bowling team? not me! lol)and the we played Mario Kart in one race I got first place, in all my years of every playing I have never gotten first, I was so excited, but man I can't drive I way over correct the wheal, good thing I don't drive like that in real life, or else we wold have some serious problems.

We also watched the movie Fractured, which is pretty good, but I do have to say it makes much more seance if you watch it twice.

We also made caramel apples, I have never done this, I had a blast. I think we will be making this another fall tradition.

I enjoy spending time with Dustun, with him working nights it is hard to hang out and do things but we always are making time to be with each other, every time we watch a movie I think once Abigail comes we will have a harder time getting through the whole movie, so I am enjoying the the alone us time and looking forward to the us time!

I have been slaking on posting my challenge updates but here are the ones I can remember: I picked up trash and put it in the trash can, I smiled and said Hello to someone I don't know in the grocery store they look upset so I hope that they felt a little love and had a moment of goodness, I asked Dustun to clean the hamster cage, but I did it for him just cause I know how much he hated cleaning it. I am trying to help my friend who is going through a rough patch in there relationship. Every thing I do is really small but I hope that through my kindness or helpfulness someone will benefit somehow from it.


mom and crystal talking

One conversion one day:

Mom: Why haven't you gained hardly any weight?
Me: well I am gaining as much as I need to to stay healthy, and Abigail is measuring for her weeks if not bigger, so she is good.
Mom: how much do you weigh today?
Me: I don't know.

Another day another conversation:

Me: oh my God I am starving. I am done eating I am eating all the time, my mouth is tired of chewing food, uggg
Mom: How much do you weigh today?
Me: I don't know.

Another conversion another day:

Mom: oh my gosh your like a hungry bear, every time I talk to you, you have just eaten, are currently eating, or making something to eat.
Me: well at least you know I am eating, all the time.


Painting pumpkins!

This weekend dustun and I painted pumpkins, it was so much fun. The one year we lived here we carved pumpkins and the next day they were starting to wilt, then the following day they were mush with goo running from them it was gross and a huge mess to clean up.

12, 13 and 14 of challenge:
well I cant remember what I did on day 12, but on day 13 I made some yummy sugar cookies that I brought over to some peoples house, they are from the ward and they invited us over for dinner, which was so good. And today I picked up my neighbors newspapers and put all of them on the front porch, just in case it rains again.



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8 T.V shows I love to watch:
- Greys Anatomy
- Desperate Housewives
- Project Runway
- Bringing home baby
- Biggest loser
- Top Model
- Samantha who
- Privet Practice

8 Favorite Restaurants:
- Chili's
- Wing stop
- Chipolteles
- Mamma citas
- Taco Cabana
- The melting pot
- Mad dogs

8 things that happened yesterday:
- went to dustun co- workers baptism
- Pick out some super cute pumpkins to paint
- Went to the store to but the makings for sugar cookies
- Went to churches chicken
- Went to the BX for Dustun's hair cut
- Did laundry
- Did dishes
- Watch maid of honor with dustun

8 things I am looking forward to:
- Baby Abby, joining the family
- Going to Utah with Dustun
- the weather to cool off some more
- Thanksgiving in Utah with the whole family
- Setting up Christmas decorations
- Dustun getting a class date
- My friend coming back here to Texas
- All my date ideas to do with Dustun

8 things I love about fall:
- The hopefully cooler weather
- the fall colors I can wear
- homemade soups
- Picking out pumpkins
- homemade breads (banana, corn, pumpkin,ext.)
- The nights are nice a "cold"
- Decorating my house in fall colors
- Buying Christmas presents

8 things on my wish list:
- My healthy baby Abby
- Dustun to get his class date
- hoping dustun will be here fro the birth
- moving back to Utah, so Abigail could be close to family
- A de-junk fairy to come to my house
- A great rest of this pregnancy
- To have a baby boy next, with out medical assistance, but I will do it all over again.
- Well since it is a wish list, I wish to have enough money that we never have to worry about money again.

8 people I tag:
- Karen
- Leah
- Kami
- Julie
- Windy
- Stormie
-And any of you others readers! (come on you blog stalkers, make a comment, post a blog, do something!)


Corn Maze date night.

This weekend Dustun and I went the south Texas corn maze, it is 7 acres and every year they make a new pattern this year it was a a farmer on a tractor, really cool.

We had so much fun we ate corn dogs, popcorn and a apple blossom mmmm, we also enjoyed a nice night hay ride. I had allot of fun, we will be going back next year with Abigail!

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Tonight I "Booed" my neighbors, I gave them there little goodies bag full of candy and a note and a ghost to hang up on the door! Happy Halloween Neighbors!


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Yesterday I made some new freinds with my neighbors at my "second" house. I took the kids out side to play, and soon some more kids and more parents came out, so I decided well I can sit here and be afraid to talk to others or I can go and be nice and friendly so I sat at the picnic table introduced my self and we all talked about different things, it was nice, plus that now the kids have some other kids to play with. I felt so bad when they moved because Dillon had to leave all his freinds then he is cooped up in the apartment.

For today's nice thing that I did was, I drove. I know not a big deal but when Dustun and I are together I never drive, but I figured he was probably tired. So I drove to the hospital for my ultrasound then I drove to the comic book store so dustun could get his new ones for this week,then I took him home so he could go back to bed, then I went and got my cars oil change, I really hate going by myself I feal like they are going to rip me off.

Tonight I am making homemade bread, so far it smells way good, and I want to make so many other things right now but I guess I'll do those another night when it's not so late.

Hope all my readers are having a great night and have a better weekend!


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So today's challenge, Cody (3 years old) and I made little Halloween treat bags, and we gave them to two of there neighbors. So hopefully that made there day a little more cheerful and bought the spirit of fall to there house! I should have taken pictures of the bags he helped me decorate, very cute!

Were going to be a mom and dad!

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Yesterday, Dustun was having a bad day, So I called him while I was at work to let him know that I love him and to make sure that he was doing better. When I got home I decided we should go out, so that way we could end the night better then the way it started out.
The chocolate molten cake at chilies is so good!


Some bows!

I have been making bows to match with her outfits. I have been having so much fun!
I have bought the crochet headbands and been putting the bows on a alligator clips so that way the different bows will fit on the different colored headbands. So clever I am! Enjoy all the pictures. (some how I will figure out how to do a slide show)

Some pictures of Abigails room

Here is her room, her crib and, my chair, the blanket I made and other decorations!

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Today as I was sitting here, watching General Conference on the internet and making the cuteness bows you have ever seen, I get a Call from my friend, she has been in a car accident and she needs me to come get her and her baby, as her car will be towed away. So I quickly unplug my hot glue gun, pause the current speaker and run upstairs to wash my face and throw some decent looking clothes on. I get to the accident, she is ok, the car is still drivable but was making a bad noise so she decided to have it towed. I load up Connors base for is car seat and put him in and turn on the AC the poor baby was warm from the wonderful 93 degrees of fall weather we have here. (sarcasm) I took them home asked if their was anything else I could do for her, she said no, I told her if she needed anything else to give me a call.
I am very grateful that this was not a serous accident and every one was fine.
Maybe the lady who hit her will think twice when deciding on to run a red light, while the person in front of them has already stopped. (DUH)


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Today I gave 2 hours of my time, to my friend, her husband is deployed and she moved backed to AZ while he is gone so she hired some cleaners to come clean her house so I stayed there until they were all done.


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So yesterdays good moment was I said Hi to my neighbor. Really not a big deal other then the fact I usually ignore them or stay in my car until there in the house, I don't care for her or her life style choices, and I don't like the fact they have a million cars, parked in the driveway, and the sidewalk, in front of there house and parked in front of other neighbors houses. So for me I smiled gave them a Hello. And i was off on my merry way.

Today I hung out with my friend I made time to be with her, even though I really was not feeling up to getting ready and leaving the house, I did have fun and it cheered both of us up, we needed the moral booster!

Any ideas on what I can do for the weekend? What are you going to do?


Our Date Night

Last night Dustun and I went down to the river walk to eat dinner at Mad Dogs and have giant fish and chips ( I should have taken a picture I swear it is like 2 pounds of fish) Then we walked around for a bit then we hit up the Rocky mountain chocolate factory for some good chocolate! I have always wanted a Carmel apple but I didn't know how I was going to eat it so I always pass it up, but the last time I was there I noticed that they cut it for you, so I figured it being the first day of October I should eat a fall type food and get the yummy looking apple. I ordered the Carmel bear cub, it was dipped in the most creamy, gooey yummy Carmel then drizzled with milk, dark and white chocolate. The granny smith apple was so fragrant, when we were driving home we could smell the cut apple from the front seat! I could not wait to get it home so we could devour it. And that is exactly what we did, I enjoyed every sinful yummy gooey sweet bite, I think I may have eaten the steam by accident, trying to get all the "good" stuff off!


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Well today my gift was going to work, even though it was my day off. Teresa had a doctors appointment for her back and I figured why take the kids with her, I'll watch them and help get Dilan's home work done and make them dinner, that way she can relax when she comes back from the doctor.
Ok Dilan is only in the 4th grade and I am helping him with Algerbra, oh boy I am so in for it when it becomes harder math.
What have you done today?

Dear Abigail

Dear Abigail,
Today you turn 24 weeks, which means that you are now viable in this big scary world, although as much as daddy and I would love to hold you and kiss you and see you, can you please wait for like 13 more weeks before you think about coming out. We are so thankful for me to be pregnant with you, I have been worrying about losing you, but now that I know you can live outside, I feel as if I can enjoy this pregnancy more and more.

Well I would like to thank you, well actually daddy would like to thank you for all the extra hormones you have given me, they have really hit about 2 weeks ago, how did I notice? Well I called up a Chinese food restaurant and because my order was only $6.00 and not the minimum $12.00 , I called up dustun and was crying over not being able to get any food, so he did a pick up order rather then delivery so I could eat some food. I also got mad at him over him drinking his water at the dinner table (don't ask I just was wanting to fight I guess) I also cried while watching biggest loser, I have been crying or mad at everything. so thanks, but I would go through this and so would your daddy just to have you.

You move so much lately I love it, and every time your daddy puts his head on my belly to talked to you, you kick so much you defiantly love hearing his voice, and if you come out singing Christmas songs that cause daddy will hum different tunes to you, I think we need to get him a book of nursery songs so he can sings those to you all year long!

We love you and are excited to meet you, but like I said don't think about coming out until at least 13 more weeks.

We love you very much, stay strong and healthy.

Love always,
Your mommy

Here I am at 11 weeks:

And here I am at 24 weeks, (sorry this one is so dark)