6 Months old!

Oh my gosh Abigail is 6 months old I can hardly believe it, This time I was just pushing her out, and at 8:53 pm she arrived squished nose and all. She came out crying and has loved her voice ever since! About this time last year this is what I posted:

The first birth

She cries out in joy
We have a boy
The struggle
The wait
It ended on this date
I see you coming
You appear before me
Your head so soft
Young and flimsy
I see your eyes
What a beautiful surprise
A smile so wide
It's so cheerful and kind
My son
You're a gift from the heavens
Once a soulless body
Now alive and hearty
Welcome to this land
I'm your father
Your dad
-Dustun Carlsen

Dustun wrote this way before we found out we were having a girl i was only like 12/13 week pregnant around this time.

Well today to celebrate her half of life so far, we had a little party! we made home aid ice cream, and had gifts for her. I made her very own ice cream, with my milk and add peach puree to it, she seemed to enjoy it, the first bit she was shocked she is use to getting warm stuff not frozen things, but soon she was licking it up! We made our with half and half, vanilla, sugar and fresh strawberry's, it was so good, dustun had never made home-aid ice cream he was impressed what ice, salt and zip lock bags can do.

Well tomorrow she has 6 month doctor visit, maybe she passed the 13 pound mark, haha. so more updates later! Enjoys pictures form today!
This Is the Last picture of her being 6 months old, tomorrow she starts 6 months and one day! (she is looking at the octopus that blows bubbles, she loves watching it more pictures later!)



We have a pool here on base, and on Sundays it is half price, so we make a family activity and go, I love the water, and I think Abby dos too. The only problem is that it is so cold, and it is a indoor pool so we only stay about 15/20 min, but it seems to wear her out, she comes home and sleeps about an hour, I swear I would go three times a day everyday to get her to nap like that! I think that for her half birthday (in a few days!) we will go swimming! I also want to make her a special treat but i don't know what.


First Swing Time!

Today we went to the park, we had a picnic, it was a really nice day! Abigail had her first time in a swing set, and a slide, it was so cute, I cant wait to go back!

Sushi !

Dustun and I love sushi, we have found a wonderful place here to eat. The food is great, the people are so nice, and the atmosphere is fun! They even have a place where you take your shoes off and sit on the ground. On this day we took Abigail out and layed her on the ground, as soon as she came out all the ladies and a few men came over to see her, they just keep oowing and awwing over her, then they started to give her a baby massage. I cant wait to go back, mmmm


Baseball game

On July 1st, we went to the sky sox baseball game we were playing the Salt lake Bees. This was Abigail first time going to a baseball game, and my second time, the first time i was pregnant and some how i got hit in the back with a fly ball (go figure) Abigail did really really, she loves sitting up watching, we had kids in front of us that has yellow noise makers so that kept her attention her for a while. then she fell asleep, in daddy's arms, she was passed out she never even moved even when we would cheer. but then her nap was over and she was ready to party again. We did leave early do to it being way passed her bedtime. But we had fun and will probably go again on another military apparition night.


oh boy!

So today I decided I need to stop wearing my nice comfy stretching maternity pants, (well let me re-phrase that they were tired me wearing them so they made a hole in the inner thigh) so I get Abby up from her nap, I am thinking to myself ok i know i am bigger then pre-baby but man i didn't think i was this big, so i buy two new on sale pants, i figure i shouldn't be in them too long soon I'll be smaller right?! so I leave the store and I'm feeling pretty down so what do i do? I go to the rocky mountain chocolate factory and buy me some fudge, and as i am passing the motherhood maternity the thought of going in there and buying new comfy stretching maternity pants crosses my mind more then once.
Well dustun just got home, and Abigail is sleeping so I am going to the gym to work out, come on I can do this I just need to stay motivated, and get moving everyday, not just some days.


Things Abby is up to

These are some of the things Abigail is up to now a days:

Eating solid food, she has eaten, rice cereal, apples, bananas, carrots, peas, avocados,sweet potato, so far she has loved everything, we even have given her some tofu, so i hope she continues to not be a picky eater

She is chewing on anything she can, but she loves these rings they make noise, they move they are colorful, and they taste good.

She loves getting read too, she reads books all day long

Playing in her Jumperaroo

Taking Baths:

Lifting her legs up to pull the musical toys:

She loves her daddy:

Being naked, while reading!

Eating her toes:

She is almost sitting up with out support:

There is much more, but I am so done for tonight.

Family Portraits

Today we went and got some pictures taken at sears, I think they are cute, so here are some.


Pikes Peak rodeo

On July 11, 2009, we went to the pikes peak rodeo, it was so much fun I love rodeos, but i hate when i see cowboys get hurt, one guy got knocked out cold, but he was able to get up and walk after a few minutes. It was so hot today, Abby and the rest of us were sweating so bad, I undressed her as much as i could and kept giving her some water and her bottle, finally I was able to find some seats where there was a bit of breeze, once the rodeo got over I out her in the front seat and had the AC on to cool her off, then we came home. It was a nice day, cant wait till we can put her in the mutton bustin or dress her in boots and cowboy hat!

4th of July

This 4th of July i had this great idea that Abigail would see her first fireworks in the back of the blazer, but that idea got rained out. We were also going to go on a picnic, but we ended up just eating on our patio, while we had about a half hour of sunshine, later that day we went to were the all the festivity were being held, and then it began to down pour, by the time we made it made to the blazer, our shoes, pant Abby blanket were soaking wet and weighing about 10 more pounds, so we got home put our stuff in the dryer and got Abby ready for bed, i figured well if it stops raining we will load her up in the car seat, and if not then she will all ready be in bed.
It never really stopped but dustun and i did go sit in the back of the blazer and watch all of Colorado springs fireworks shows were watched about 8 different ones, so all in all it was a good forth of July!

Denver aquarium

On July 3, 2009 we went to the Denver aquarium it was so much fun! Abby was looking at the fish and fallowing them with her eyes, i think she like the cool colors and the relaxing atmosphere, I cant wait to take her to more, I think she will love the water like I do!

Renaissance Festival

We went to the Renaissance Festival on June 27, 2009, This is totally not my thing, but totally fun I love people watching and these people were a hoot to watch and listen to, not only the workers but the "regular" people were acting as if there were from this era.
Dustun tried on a kilt he has always wanted one, we would have gotten it but it was like 130.00 which is too much for something i would never let him wear on a daily or nightly bases.
There was camel rides, and elephant rides, I so wanted to go, but i didn't want to look like a fool although i think i was the most normal.
As out of the norm as this was i had had fun and would like to go back if we get a chance.