oh boy!

So today I decided I need to stop wearing my nice comfy stretching maternity pants, (well let me re-phrase that they were tired me wearing them so they made a hole in the inner thigh) so I get Abby up from her nap, I am thinking to myself ok i know i am bigger then pre-baby but man i didn't think i was this big, so i buy two new on sale pants, i figure i shouldn't be in them too long soon I'll be smaller right?! so I leave the store and I'm feeling pretty down so what do i do? I go to the rocky mountain chocolate factory and buy me some fudge, and as i am passing the motherhood maternity the thought of going in there and buying new comfy stretching maternity pants crosses my mind more then once.
Well dustun just got home, and Abigail is sleeping so I am going to the gym to work out, come on I can do this I just need to stay motivated, and get moving everyday, not just some days.

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