So let me just jump right in, We sold house house in San Antonio, Abby I were living in Utah while dustun was doing his phase one of ultrasound school in Wichita Falls, TX, then on June 17, 2009, Amanda, Abby, and I made another long drive, this one not so fun, she cried like the whole time she made herself sick we changed her about 4 times. finally this 9 hour drive turned into a 13 hour drive we made it here.

she had finally passed out, but he wanted to hold her, so he pulled her out of her car seat and she just laid there and went to sleep on him, he was so happy to see her, and me, but mostly her!
Flying is the way to go, for about $100.00 i can fly round trip in be in Utah in a hour and half, and hold her the whole time. Amanda stayed here for a few days, then she flew back, that day at the airport was so sad, i saw Amanda cry i have honestly never seen her cry.

Dustun, Abigail and I have had so much fun while we have been here, i am so grateful we are able to join him while he is in his phase two of school.


Amanda said...

i love love love that one of me and her standing up. i am totally headed to wal mart to get it printed and framed!

amanda said...

i cry! i just usually don't let people see me do it.