Things we did when Amanda was here:

We went to Pike Peak:

So much fun will have to do this again, only were proper attire. aka no flips flops, shorts, and bring a jacket. At least Abby was dressed correctly

We went to a ghost town:

Not so much a ghost town as a old west museum, but still interesting.

We traded in my Scion TC, for a Chevy trailblazer:

So much more room, we love it, way worth it!

We explored the cadet side if base:

The chapel was so amazingly beautiful, i could spent for ever in there.

We went to a downtown Jazz festival:

It was lame but the sculptures and flowers were really pretty, that big circle thing had water and made a 360 turn it was really cool.

Amanda babysat so dustun and I could go out to eat, we went to the elephant bar restaurant:

It was so nice to get out, without a baby,cant wait to do it again!

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