4th of July

This 4th of July i had this great idea that Abigail would see her first fireworks in the back of the blazer, but that idea got rained out. We were also going to go on a picnic, but we ended up just eating on our patio, while we had about a half hour of sunshine, later that day we went to were the all the festivity were being held, and then it began to down pour, by the time we made it made to the blazer, our shoes, pant Abby blanket were soaking wet and weighing about 10 more pounds, so we got home put our stuff in the dryer and got Abby ready for bed, i figured well if it stops raining we will load her up in the car seat, and if not then she will all ready be in bed.
It never really stopped but dustun and i did go sit in the back of the blazer and watch all of Colorado springs fireworks shows were watched about 8 different ones, so all in all it was a good forth of July!

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