Play list

You may have noticed that I have added a play list on my page I only have a few songs, so if you can help me out by suggesting some other fun songs, I would greatly appreciate it!

(Taken on 3-10-10)



Our attempt to get a self picture of the family! Cute non the less.

Next time do self timer set up or have someone else take it.

Abbys grandma nanna bought her some super cutie pj's that even has a cape attached to it, she is her fathers daughter! One day she will be "flying" all over the house making noise while her cape flys behind her. I cant wait.

New Toys


Today some of our good friends moved away to Florida, I wish we could have met sooner, and done more! Well today as they packed up the u-haul they realized they had too much stuff and not enough room in th truck so I came over to help them out, I got some out door play toys for the kids, I was excited but I was even more excited to see how happy they were, and when they went up and own the slide all by them selfs, I was very proud, happy and sad to think how fast kids really do grow up, soon enough baby B will be here running around climbing stuff this big sister. Ready or not they will grow up, so each and everyday I thank God for what I have.
Thanks again Sassor family for the toys and we will miss you, be safe and have fun in your new adventure!

Summer time


This afternoon after the nap it was time for the swimming pool and Popsicles, the kids were annoying me so I figured why not. It felt nice outside, and the kids were happy which made me happy, sometimes I wish I could just sit in the pool naked eating my Popsicle with no care in the world.

Here are the kids that light up my day, even if they are the ones who seem to darken it at times :)

All sticky and purple good thing skin is easier to clean the swimsuits, or clothes!

Date night


Dustun and I went out on a date we went to Texas Roadhouse, it was nice to get away I was having a bad day where everything was bothering me, so Candice said she would watch Abby and Dustun came home from work early. We went to Texas roadhouse I was able to get my prime rib, salad and mashed potatoes.We also ordered fried pickles, yuck, I thought they were gross, good thing our waiter picked up the tap due to a small mess up in my side order.
After dinner we ran some errands we went to party city to get our luau gear, and to the comic store, we were also going to go to the movie but I was so tired I thought I would fall asleep in the theater so we come home.
Once again I was reminded of how lucky I truly am to be so blessed and loved.

Ward Luau

July 24, 2010

We had the ward luau, so we all went dressed up in our Hawaii gear, it was fun to see everyone dressed up, we had Hawaiian haystacks, listened to music, they had palm trees set up and had a photo station, I'm sure there was more but we left early due to our friends who moved away today, they had there going away party, we also attended that night.

Abby and daddy
Abby and mommy
Goofy daddy
My cute daughter

Another good day!



I have been trying to get Abby to color for a while but all she seems to want to do is eat the crayons. But just recently when I gave her the crayons and a blank paper she made her own art work, and not once did she eat them.

So the other day while I was working on rag quilt for baby B I gave her a coloring book page and some crayons, she was happy and so was I. mother daughter sitting in the kitchen in the morning do crafts.
I forgot to take a picture of the other side of this blanket but here is his first blanket!


Pet store

July 20th, 2010

Dustun was off, and we were thinking about getting a fish for Abby, so after French toast breakfast we went to the pet store, to look at all the animals, she loved looking at the cats, all the fish, and of course the other small critters.
she even stuck her hand in the cricket feeder, what a brave girl!

We got her a pretty beta fish, I hope it lives for a bit, I always seem to kill the 4 dollar fish but can keep a 27 cent fish alive, go figure.

I held her up to watch as we put the fish in the tank, we did this later in the day so that way the tank would be all set up and settled.
(ignore my face)
She loved pointing at the fish and saying fishy fishy, and this morning July 21, the fish was still alive so I sat her up on the dresser and had her watch as I feed him, and then I taught her how to also sign fish. What a smart pants!

We went on base to play at the park, this girl loves to swing, she just laughs and smiles, she also had fun playing with all the rocks on the ground.

We also went and grabbed dinner at mamacitas, Candice was able to come with us.

After dinner we went to the mall, to look around we went to burlington coat factory in the baby depot, abby was shopping for her baby brother it was so cute!

All in all another great day!

Chocolate chip sunday

On Sunday dustun was at work, so it was just Abby and I for breakfast, so I deiced to do something special for her and I made Chocolate chip pancakes!
I maybe should have only given her about 4 chip on the top of her pancake, cause for each chip she stuck her finger in the ooey gooey melted chocolate chips, which was cute but super messy and took her forever to eat.
She was telling me all about the chips in her pancakes, and how cool I was as a mom!

I asked her if she liked them, with fingers in mouth she shook her head yes.
And this is what she looked like when she was done, covered in chocolate, I just wanted to eat her up even more.


story of the hat.

I put her hat on her, she didn't know it was on there cause she was looking at her bracelet.

Then she took her hat off.

I told her to put it back on, She did but she did over her face so she couldn't see.
So I told her to take it off again to try again.

the second try she got it on perfect!
So she gave me a high five!
I love this girl she is so smart and cute, love it!

Gruene Texas

Today Abigail and I went out with Candice, Samuel, honey, and papa. To Gruene Texas to the market days, it was so much fun but too hot for me, if it was cooler and if I had more money to buy all the cool, wood work, metal work or girly cratfy things it would have been cooler.
I think it was about 101 today, so we were all hot, sticky and tired, but we had fun!

We had ice cream, which the kids loved!

And we found a mister which was so nice I think we could have stayed there for a while.

Honey and papa (Samuels grandma and grandpa)

Me and my best friend.

The four amigos.