Girls night out.

Dustun is such a sweet guy he knew I needed a break so he told me to go out with Candice, to take the camaro and go see a movie, get a pedicure, or dinner, or whatever we wanted to do. Thanks babe!
So Candice and I decided to get dinner then go get our some what monthly pedicures. I decided I would choose a restaurant we have never been to. I have driven past the restaurant called, "The Magic Time Machine" I looked it up, it looked fun, each booth had a different theme and they had different characters as the hostess, and waiters. The menu had a good selection, from pasta, ribs, seafood and chicken. I was excited, well to my disappointment my excitement wore off quickly, the restaurant had a "smell" to it kind like food, mixed with old and smoke. yuck, and our booth was weird it said it was a fisherman's wharf, but all over the wall was comic books, so it was fitting for us two kids and jokers to get the joke booth. Our waitress was the one and only Marlin Monroe, we got our drinks and bread and she said we could walk around to we left out table and looked at all the other tables, it was interesting but I couldn't get past the "smell"
Now about the food, we both got a salad bar, I thought it was ok, Candice said it tasted unwashed, I couldn't tell mine was covered in ranch. Then come our dinner which was the grilled chicken parmesan served over ligunine noodles, the awful smell almost knocked me over, we tried to eat it I got a half a bite down Candice got two bites down, we could not eat it, it was so awful. We will never eat there again.
Here is the link to there website go check it out: http://www.magictimemachine.com/
I wanted to get a picture with Ms. Monroe, but I forgot I had my camera until we were leaving.
After "dinner" we took the tops off the camaro and drove around we were going to find another place to eat but I didn't feel good, and she was filled up on Dr.Pepper, so we drove home.
I was happy to be home in time to put my little one down, daddy sent me text saying she kept looking down the stairs yelling for me. so cute.
Thanks again Dustun for everything you do, and Candice we still need to get a pedicure.

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