Technically Abby turns 18 months on the 30th so her first official day of nursery should be August 1st, but I wanted to know how she would do so today was her first day!
I wasn't worried about her since I have left her in nursery at the baptist church, but today was Dustun first day, he acted just like I did the first time.
He or I would go check in on her only to find her playing with toys or the other kids, she never cried she did so good, I will say I was a little upset she didn't seem to really care that I left her or wasn't with her.
I just walked in set her down and she went for the toys I never called attention to me leaving I just left the room, so next week we will be going back.

This is a dress Grandma Nancy bought her, it is so cute!

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mom said...

Fun times, I remember you didn't care taht I left you there either!!