It's a.......

Well I am impatient and since I have access to an ultrasound tech, who was alone and had no orders to do I decided to take up a few moments of his time and have him check out this little one!
Well it is a BOY!!! clear as day, boy! I am so excited for him, to come here and meet his big sister! Here are some pics from the ultrasound, and the ultrasound pic can you see the little "hot dog"!!

Here is a profile shot of the little man!

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Aunt Manda said...

Yeah for a BOY!! They are so much easier to buy for!! Now don't go all crazy and think you need to buy all brand new stuff. I'm sure him and Abby will share just fine!!

Did you realize you will have a birthday in Dec,Jan,Feb and March!!

Name: I like Benjamin mainly cause I'm not sure there are any other good boy names with a "B"!!!