I was just noticing that I blogged a lot then came March and I hardly blogged, and now I am back to blogging I was trying to figure out why? And I realized it was cause I blog when I take pictures and since I no longer carry the camera around since my phone does the pictures , my blog went by the way side, so I picked up my camera the other day started taking pictures and yep my blog up and running, again.
Today it has taken me about 3 hours to load, file, resize, rearrange all my 566 plus pictures I had on my phone. Now if only blogger would let me load more pictures faster I would be happy! Or if I could find a free app on my phone I could blog on my phone, but then you might get an over load of posts!
Enjoy some pictures of Abby and me that I have had on my phone!

Abby and Daddy:


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