so frustarting

I am so frustrated right now. I feel all we have done it lost money in the last 6 months.

1300 given to someone to buy our house.
about 500 for 4 nights and days worth of gas, food and motels to drive form TX to Utah.
100 on 1 day of food, gas, and major frustrations to drive from UT to CO.
300 on a plan ticket to drive fly from UT to TX to put our house in storage.
150 a month on storage fee's
1200 on a deposit for a house back in TX
A new non gas efficient car, is more money in gas.
1600 in fixing Dustuns car.
about 200 for 1 day of food, gas, and and hopefully no major frustrations to drive from CO to UT.
700.00 to drive from UT to TX
who knows how much in deposits to re-set up all utilities, and cable.

We do all this and we might be moving back to CO in about 6 months.

Total cost- TOO DANG MUCH


Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom

Written by Heather Michelle,I ran across this today and thought it was goo so I figured I would post it here.

The life of the stay at home mom (SAHM) is one that is often criticized and largely misunderstood. Ever wonder what we do all day? Delve deep into the confessions of a stay at home mom.

1.We clean sometimes, but not nearly as much as we lead you to believe.
Cleaning is a task that is seemingly never ending. There is always laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, beds to be made, floors
to be vacuumed, and so many more chores. The stay at home mom does indeed handle all of these cleaning responsibilities. The secret is that we do not do all of these chores as often as we may lead you to believe. For the most part, chores can be done quickly even though we may hint that they took much longer. Cleaning is a task that stay at home moms must tackle, but it is not as bad as we let on.

2. We take naps.
Yes, it's true. We take naps if we are so inclined. Those of us with younger children may sleep when they sleep. Those with older children who are in school have the freedom to nap whenever they please. The stay at home mom is on call at every moment of the day and so we are entitled to getting a nice relaxing nap in during the day.

3. We enjoy doing errands most of the time.
The life of a stay at home mom can be very stressful with a list of things to get accomplished while managing to care for the children. We enjoy running those mundane errands to the grocery store and post office because it gets us out of the house. We can listen to music in the car and chill out for the short ride. Sometimes it is taxing if the children are acting up, but for the most part it is a nice break to the day.

4. We would rather be working.
This is not true for every stay at home mom, but the thought passes through our heads more often than many people think. Being a stay at home mom is a very rewarding job but being in the workforce also gives a sense of identity and accomplishment that staying home doesn't.

5. Contradictory to number 4, we want nothing more than to raise our children.

Raising a child is one of the most important jobs any person can do. These children deserve the love and attention of their parents and there is no better way to give them that then being with them all day. As a stay at home mom, we are responsible for the development of our children and we love doing what we do.

6. We have plenty of time for entertainment.
Yes, the average stay at home mom has time to watch television, surf the Internet, and enjoy all sorts of entertainment throughout the day. Many can recall an image of a woman laying on the couch eating bon bons and watching the soaps on television. While it is not so luxurious, we certainly do take time in the day to relax with our tivo.

7. We get frustrated.
The main job of the stay at home mom is to raise her children. This task can be very difficult. Staying home with a child who is rambunctious, tired, or sick can be very draining on our mental health. While we love our children dearly, it is easy to get frustrated with them. For this reason, we often need a break at the end of the day. We are often met with the attitude of "Why would you need a break, what did you do all day?" This is infuriating so do not assume that we have done nothing if we are feeling frustrated and need a break.

8. We feel entitled to a paycheck.
The stay at home mom does the work of caregiver, maid, nurse, chef, chauffer, and accountant. A recent study stated that if a stay at home mom were to release these duties and have to pay for all of these services, it would cost an estimated $70,000 a year. That is a lot of money. It is no surprise then that we would be deserving of a paycheck. While we know that this is not going to happen any time in the near future, we can cling to our belief that what we are doing is worthy of a paycheck.

9. We are envious of our counterparts.
The stay at home mom generally has a partner who is out working and bringing home that enviable paycheck. There are days when we would gladly trade positions and go work while our partner stayed home. We want the freedom to leave the home, knowing that our children are in capable hands. Again, I digress; this is not all of the time, just on those rough days.

10. We love our children more than anything in this world.
We make sacrifices as a stay at home mom. We make this life our identity. We do this because we are madly in love with our children and want the best of everything for them. This love makes being a stay at home mom the best job in the world.

Disclaimer: While this article is told from personal experience, there are stay at home moms who differ in opinion. Not everyone is the same. Yes, there are some who strive for perfection and the immaculately clean home at all times. There are also stay at home moms who stay at home
simply because they can or because they don't want to work as opposed to having their children's best interest in mind. There is a broad spectrum of stay at home moms, but these confessions apply to most of them.

I am so happy Dustun is able to provide for us, so that I am able to stay at home with Abigail, And yes I do wish I had a job where I could get out of the house and make some more spending money. Yes I wish I always had the house (or me) in perfect order and a hot meal ready for Dustun, but the truth is there are many nights when the house looks like a tornado and I make him go out and get take out food for us. I wish that in my "free" time I would get off the internet reading mindless things, and clean or cook or nap or shower or workout or read a book or work on my suduko puzzles, but the truth is most days I feel useless, I look around and think where did my day go?

So Now that Abigail is down for a nap I am going to make my self useful and start dinner, do the dishes, the laundry, pick up the floor, vacuum, shower, and then when Abigail is wake I will tend to all of her needs, physical, metal, and spiritual


Just cause

Last time in this dress, it is to small in length and the arm holes were rubbing in her underarms. BTW I have bought some 6 month pants and some 6-12 month pants and they fit her!

She is so cute, I love her so much!


Dad can I really or you just teasing me?!

Proof Dustun did give her a non traditional baby drink.

I ordered this flower it said it was medium, it is huge, but I guess in Utah mom world it is the norm.

A pile of laundry I have to fold, I think I have a baby somewhere (I still have 2 more load to fold, that are currently in washer/dryer)

She loves sucking on pickles!


Denver Museum

On September 5th, We went to the museum, it was pretty fun. They had lots of different areas like an Gems & Minerals so pretty lots of sparkley things!, Expedition Health which we took a picture of Abigail and it aged her to 70, we also got hooked up to a brain wave thing and the more relaxed you were then the ball would go to the next person, well my brain was to active I was not able to "push" the ball but duh since dustun has a nothing box he can go to he was relaxed and won, Egyptian Mummies which had 2 mummies it it pretty interesting to know what they did back then, Space Odyssey whee Abigail got to dress like a astronaut, and play in a crater, Prehistoric Journey where we begun when the dinosaurs were here then progressed to now a days.

We had a great day, and i am so happy we were able to go.


Today has been a great day, I love when I have days where I feel so much love and feel so grateful I feel as if I might explode in tears, if I dont share.

My day started out great, Abigail Slept in.
I was able to grab my neighbor for a nice long walk through the mountains.
I was able to come home and relax before church.
Abigail took almost a 2 hour nap.
We all made it to all 3 hours of church.
We grabbed some good take out food, and sat on the bed and watch t.v and ate.
Then we did all of our night time things, I was able to read to Abigail.
I sang her the best song, I am A child of God
She went to bed with out a fuss.
And now I am going to enjoy the rest of my night with my husband.

I am so grateful to have my wonderful husband and my beautiful baby girl, and to be able to enjoy Colorado. I am grateful for my health and the health of my family and my friends.


Turbo Kick

So Yesterday I went over to my sharing wall neighbors room (she also works with dustun) and I asked her if she wanted to join me to do turbo kick, I figured if I enlists some support then I couldn't back out, so at 5:00 we were at the gym, I was nervous, I wasn't scared of it being hard like I am going to die hard I just figured it was gong to be alot of choreographed memorized in beat steps, none of which I have, I mean I am white and Blondie so those to things dont jive.

My instructor was a tattoo sassy lady, I got more nervous, the only good thing was there was 4 ladies and one man non of us had ever done this before, but they were black so they had good rhythm, (blast this whiteness!)

I do have to say I did enjoy it, when I got lost or confused I just started to spazz
I would go again I will try it a few more times to see if I can ever pick up the beats.

Tomorrow is my WW meeting so lets see if this weeks kick butt, sore as all heck workout did anything, I think so!

"No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change."

Just cause she is so cute!


boot camp and a hike

So yesterday, I went to a class offered on base called Boot Camp, I have been nervous to go because of the name and the description said not for the faint of heart. Well it wasn't to bad, I am mean I am still here right?! We warmed up, did a few things on the step, had had weights. It was mainly a total body weight training class, we did lunges, squats (on that half ball thing, which hard to keep your balance) did inner and outer thighs, core back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest. I think thats it, Oh I also did 35 girl push up, I think that is the most I have ever done.
I felt good I felt accomplished, and the bonus was she has one peice of dove choclate for all of us after class!

Today Abby and I went for a hike up the mountain this morning, I put sunscreen on her a hat, and loaded her up in the front carrier, it was so quiet, all I herd was the bird, the stream, the wind blowing through the leaves, it really makes me appreciate all that I have in my life.

Remember that quick-fix weight loss solutions seldom work. You must trash the diet pills and the whole dieting mindset. Remember that doing the same thing and expecting different results only makes you crazy. If you expect to unveil the slim, trim, healthy you inside, then you must change.