so frustarting

I am so frustrated right now. I feel all we have done it lost money in the last 6 months.

1300 given to someone to buy our house.
about 500 for 4 nights and days worth of gas, food and motels to drive form TX to Utah.
100 on 1 day of food, gas, and major frustrations to drive from UT to CO.
300 on a plan ticket to drive fly from UT to TX to put our house in storage.
150 a month on storage fee's
1200 on a deposit for a house back in TX
A new non gas efficient car, is more money in gas.
1600 in fixing Dustuns car.
about 200 for 1 day of food, gas, and and hopefully no major frustrations to drive from CO to UT.
700.00 to drive from UT to TX
who knows how much in deposits to re-set up all utilities, and cable.

We do all this and we might be moving back to CO in about 6 months.

Total cost- TOO DANG MUCH

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Karen and Matt said...

That is sooooo frustrating! I'm sorry. If I had a money tree I would totally give you some! Good luck with everything. =)