A typical Day

Here I am about to have a baby and here is what my day was yesterday:
Wake up at 5:30 gotta pee for the 5 time
Toss and turn until 7:00 get up get ready for day
Finish putting hang up clothes away.
Pack lunch boxes, and diaper bags, make breakfast.
Feed kids, load up kids and dog in car, pick up dustun.
Drop kids off at school
Drop bandit off at groomers.
Go to military clothing sales, find winter PT gear for Dustun.
Call around to get an estimate to get a window fixed
Go to the other base pick up a package Candice needs to mail.
Go to ATM, have homeless lady ask for money, drive off go to another ATM.
Go get Breakfast, which it is 11 so we get a big mac and fries
Go home, eat our lunch
Dustun finally goes to bed.
Watch a half hour of tv in peace. :)
Get up to pay bills
Get a call saying window guy is on his way.
Finish bills
Start dinner.
Put Benjamin clothes away and start a donation pile of some of Abby's old things.
Talk to window repair man.
Almost finish dinner, start fire while trying to boil water (don't ask)
leave house, pick up kids from school.
Drive to hospital both them and I have appointments
Drop Samuel off at front door with Candice,.
Drive around forever to find a parking spot.
Go into hospital get Abby BP checked.
Take her with me to get my blood drawn
Wait 45 min to get my medicine.
Samuels all done with his appointment and getting shots, we say good bye
Go back to peds office wait to be told my appointment was canceled some how.
request to speak with doctor, this has been a 3 month process to get seen by her normal doctor and 3 reschedules, ( I'm frustrated)
Ask to get a medical form signed for her school.
Got lost trying to find my car, find it, put Abby in car, and I sit on a bench next to car and take some deep breaths because ever since I said I picked kids up from school Abby has been in complete melt down mode ig: kicking screaming,crying wont walk, doesn't want to be held, throws everything you give her on ground, ext. (no nap at school today, and she didn't sleep well that night)
Get a voice mail saying bandit is done and they will be closing in 10 min, I'm 20 minutes away.
Drive to get bandit
Pick bandit up
Drive home
Abby finally asleep 5 min away from home
Bring her inside, lay her down realize her room is a mess from me not finishing my project 4 hours ago.
Go downstairs, finish Dinner
Call up Ashely and invite her and her son over for dinner and so Candice can do hair cuts
Dustun wakes up
Abby wakes up
We all sit down and eat dinner
I get a package from my mom that has been to 3 different addresses. I thought it was lost
Dustun gets ready for work and goes.
Abby is still been in melt down mode since waking up
Give her a bath at 6:30 and lay her down for bed at 6:45
come downstairs, talk with my friends while hair cuts for boys is going on.
Candice puts Samuel down for bed
then we all go into office and talk
Ashley leaves
Candice and I sit down and watch an hour TV show, and eat pumpkin pie
I think about cleaning kitchen and thats as far as that went.
went to bed at 10:00pm passed out until 8:00 am today. I don't think I woke up to pee.



The last few weeks has had many doctor visit for Abby's BP monitor, 3 times a week is a lot, thankfully I have had a lot of help and it really hasn't been that big of a deal. Candice, Dustun and I have all taken our turns in taking Abby, or watching Samuel, so I haven't needed to take both kids into the hospital by myself, (Thank you guys, with out you I don't know where I would be, you both help out so much and I love you guys)
Abby does so well waiting to get checked in, and getting it done, her BP has been good, they are higher then the normal kid range which is 88/42, and hers is 95/52, but that is a lot less then it has been in the past it use to be, 117/90's and one time it was very high they had to immediately give her meds to drop it it was in the 140's/ something cant remember.
Everyone at he office knows her and are excited to see her.
My cute little bug, watching toy story 3 on my phone.

Auto trade show

On another weekend we went to a auto trade show, to look at all the new 2011 model cars, it was fun they had all kind of vehicles from all sorts of makers, Abby loved sitting in the driver seat test "driving" them all, I never wanted to me a min van mom but I found one I like a lot, the Toyota sienna, go here funny (http://youtu.be/ql-N3F1FhW4) and I also found a 3rd row car I love, the Chevy traverse and of course dustun found his dream cars,this is bubble bee from the transformer movie.
Dustun got into the car, look how happy the kid is!
But not so happy when he and his partner in crime got caught driving to leave the building in the car, lol
And since chevy is an American car they had this one painted very patriotic, it was an awesome paint job, I wish it wasn't so dark.
This was a real pool table I think that is awesome!
Samuel, Abby, and Candice in the old Army croozers.
Abby had to put the "hat" on, it was way heavy even for her head.
I am so happy we brought the wagon the kids did good, they got to play and run around but also loved being pulled in it.
I look tired, maybe someone who is about to give birth should not go into an inflatable bounce house and do the obstacle course! oh well I had fun!

weekend fun for Abby

While Dustun and I were in Austin, Candice watched Abby for us, she and my other best buddy Morgan, took both the kids to the natural bridge wildlife ranch, which is 400 acres of wild animals that come up to the car so you can pet them and feed them. They said they loved it. I am so happy Abby loves animals and going on adventures!
Nice Zebra
Zebra wanting more food.
my favorite zoo animal.

Morgan and Abby

Weekend fun

A few weekends ago, Candice suggested that Dustun and I get away for a weekend before Benjamin arrives, so we packed up and headed to Austin. They were having a comic con, I knew Dustun would love it and all it's geekness, and I knew I would love to people watch,I was right. there was so many people dressed up in so many characters from different things, some costumes were awesome, some not so much. I got to see the original, bat-mobile, and batman and robin, and the hulk, I was excited.
We had a really nice hotel, and had a wonderful dinner, and for breakfast we order room service, it was so good, I stuffed myself silly. It was a nice getaway.
look at her arms! wow I want them!
the Hulk
Dustun and his storm trooper friends
me and hit girl form the movie kick ass


Christmas list

I figured I would write down a christmas list so that way I can answer everyones questions all at once.
Abby loves baby dolls, cars, trucks, dress up stuff, shoes, jewelry, books, educational DVD's sesames street, baby Einstein's , anything with a princess on it, coloring/art stuff, anything that will get her imagination to work.
Her sizes are in these general areas: Shoes she is currently in a 5 but will soon need size 6. Pants are about 18 months, shirts, 24 months, PJ's 2T.

Dustun would love gift cards to game store so he can buy some games, any cool new DVD's or CD's

I would love a digital picture frame, a new vacuum, gift card to get a massage :) and of course the always popular anything pretty and sparkling!

Benjamin, he will be really little so a new rattle, binkie, swaddling blankets, PJs, clothes. we will be in the size ranging on newborn to 0-3 months.

Doctor drama update

Man who would have thought uping Abby dosage of blood pressure medicine would have been so stressful. Her appointment at Santa rosa was last tuesday and just as of monday i got it all worked out, Wilford hall for liability reason couldn't check her blood pressure and Santa rosa wanted me to come in and get charged for every doctors office visit. I was told I need to have tri-care approve an at home nurse for Abby or get an at home blood pressure monitor. Finally I gave the nurse the santa rosa doctors number and she spent all day figuring it out, conclusions is Wilford hall will see abby 3 times a week every week for 2 months but if there is any changes that need to be made in her medicine they have to have written consent from sana rosa hospital. Fair enough, as long as she is getting checked and we can get her medicine to be correct for her new height and weight. Then I will be happy.

So one of the last appointments I had for abby at wilford hall her doctor asked in Abby was enrolled in the EMFP I had no idea what it was so she explained what it is:

The Military Services use the term Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) to refer to two different functions: a personnel function and a family support function.

The EFMP personnel function:

  • Is a mandatory program for all active duty service members.
  • Is standard across all Services.
  • Identifies family members with special medical and/or educational needs,
  • Documents the services they require, and
  • Considers those needs during the personnel assignment process (especially when approving family members for accompanied travel to overseas locations).
  • Involves the personnel and medical commands and the Department of Defense educational system overseas.

The Air Force’s Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is designed to provide support to military family members with special needs. EFMP Services includes a variety of personnel, medical, and family support functions. The Exceptional Family Member Program – Family Support (EFMP-FS) is the community support function provided by the Airman and Family Readiness Centers (A&FRCs) that includes, but is not limited to, on-and off-base information and referral, parent training, support groups, relocations assistance, financial management, and school information.

The Special Needs Identification Assignment Coordination process (SNIAC) provides medical information management support for EFMP enrollment functions, and coordinates relocations for families who have medical or educational needs. "Both EFMP-FS and SNIAC work together with EFMP-Assignments at the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) to provide comprehensive and coordinated medical, education, community support, assignment coordination as well as housing accommodation to families enrolled in the EFMP program.

EFMP enrollment is mandatory and required immediately upon identification of a special need.

I wish I would have known about this last march when we found out about everything, but now I know and I can turn in the paperwork and get enrolled. It will be nice to have specialist help, I am nervous about moving to AZ because when I looked up this:

U.S. News Best Children's Hospitals

For the 2010-11 rankings, U.S. News requested data from 170 pediatric centers and used survey results from thousands of physicians in 10 pediatric specialties who were asked where they would send the sickest children. In all, 62 hospitals ranked in at least one specialty. The Honor Roll features eight hospitals that ranked in all 10

In kidney and urology AZ never made the list but in the list Texas made the list 4 and 3 times for each specialty. And Here in San Antonio we have the highest ranking hospitals for her condition, I know if anything God for bid happened she would have the best of the best care here, in AZ i'm unsure.

I have to put my faith in the Lord he knows the best thing for us, but sometimes its hard to fully understand whats going on.


Doctors apointment

Well today has been a long long day and it's not even over.
Abby and I went to Christus Santa Rosa for her kidney appointment, it took 3 hours, and a lot of waiting, we had to get a urine sample, the good thing was they did the bag rather then a catheter, and had to get her blood pressure take 5 times, then they had to give her an oral medication to bring her pressure down cause it was so high. The side affects were she seemed really tired and her temputare went up so her checks and ears were red. They asked all the normal questions. They told me they need to increases her blood pressure medicine from 2 ML once a day to 1.5 mil twice a day, and the other medicine she stays the same dosage. And now I have to go to the hospital, monday, wednesday, and friday about the same time to get her blood pressure monitored for 2 months. I am very grateful for Dustun working nights, so he can watch Samuel while I go or he can take abby, so I dont have to take both kids with me.
The other news is the doctor ordered a complete liver and kidney scan inutero for baby B, so I have to go in for my self sometime soon.
I'm not worried, I'm not stressed, there is no reason to be, all this is Gods will, He has a plan and He will continue to watch over us. I will follow some advice and "give it to God".
Thank you to everyone who has offered us much support in all of this new knowledge we have been given.