Doctors apointment

Well today has been a long long day and it's not even over.
Abby and I went to Christus Santa Rosa for her kidney appointment, it took 3 hours, and a lot of waiting, we had to get a urine sample, the good thing was they did the bag rather then a catheter, and had to get her blood pressure take 5 times, then they had to give her an oral medication to bring her pressure down cause it was so high. The side affects were she seemed really tired and her temputare went up so her checks and ears were red. They asked all the normal questions. They told me they need to increases her blood pressure medicine from 2 ML once a day to 1.5 mil twice a day, and the other medicine she stays the same dosage. And now I have to go to the hospital, monday, wednesday, and friday about the same time to get her blood pressure monitored for 2 months. I am very grateful for Dustun working nights, so he can watch Samuel while I go or he can take abby, so I dont have to take both kids with me.
The other news is the doctor ordered a complete liver and kidney scan inutero for baby B, so I have to go in for my self sometime soon.
I'm not worried, I'm not stressed, there is no reason to be, all this is Gods will, He has a plan and He will continue to watch over us. I will follow some advice and "give it to God".
Thank you to everyone who has offered us much support in all of this new knowledge we have been given.


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