Abigail turns one!

Here I am reading to Abby on her last night before she turns one. It's bittersweet.

Good morning my beautiful one year old!
Birthday girl breakfast, bananas and cereal!

After meeting the requrements to be forward facing we are excited to be ridding forward, here i was telling how she gets to sit from now on.
She is excited about this new seating arrangements!
For Abigail's birthday we went for at lunch at mamacitias, they sang to her, she got to wear a somberoo, (so did I) and try some sopapilla. We had invited a lot more people but they all had other obligations so our friends the Greens hung out with us.

After lunch we came home for a nap and then to open some gifts. I forgot to take some pictures of the gifts but thanks to all who sent some gifts or money to buy things for her, we really appreciate the thought.

Cake time!!!


Abigails birthday

Well on January 30th 2010 Abigail Ann Carlsen will be one years old. I wish we were close to family to have a big blowout party for her. But since we are in the military we will invite our military family and celebrate at mama citais and then to our house for cake and ice cream and gifts. I am making her a lady bug cake since she is our little bug.
If you have sent any gifts for her I will be posting the pictures of her opening them on here as soon as I can, and of course there will be pictures of her and her smash cake!
I wish all of my family and friends that are not here could be here but I wanted to let you all know so you could be here in spirit, to celebrate Abigail wonderful first year of life.
Love you all.

Abigail the model

I had a friend take some pictures of Abigail for her first birthday, they turned out so cute, here are some of them.



Abigail has a friend named Samuel currently they are 8&12 months old, they have been friends for about 4 months, she has showed him to do many things, like crawl, pull up on things and climb the stairs.
It is so funny listening to them talk to each other, if one is laughing the other will crawl to where
the other one is and start to laugh also, that is cute, but it is not so cute when they make each other cry. She gets so excited when she sees him she get her happy wiggly body. They beat each other up, but they make each other laugh at the end of the day so I guess it is ok.

Here is Candice and I we have became pretty close, it is nice to have a friend who lives down the street, to have weekly dinners at each other house and go shopping, hang out or do projects with each other, we pick on each other like we are long lost sisters. Her family is so good to Abigail and I, like her mom called me to see how we were doing, they have bought us gifts, and let us come stay at there house in Houston. With dustun working nights and sleeping days, and her hubby in school and work we are together all the time but it makes life fun. It is nice to have a babysitter we can just say, "hey will you watch him/her so I can get some things done or just have alone time with my self or hubby".
She has been a great friend who i can completely depend on I hope that if or when we move I can find another great friend.


Last night I gave Abby her food to play with, and she made a mess, I gave her a sink bath. she is 11 months old and this his her first time, I liked it and so did she.

I was watching Samuel and he was a mess also so i gave him one too, he liked it too,a nd it was much easier giving two babies a bath in the sink rather then in the tub.
Cute kiddios!