New years in Houston

This New Years dustun had to work, so my friend invited me to go to Houston to go visit her family. It was a lot of fun, we went shopping, out to eat with friends, had family dinners, ice skating and driving around. I was happy to have a mini vacation, and Abigail did so well and had so much fun with all of Candice's family, they really took to us, we even got gifts from them.

Abigail took her first steps with a toy it was so much fun to see her do that, she is growing up so fast.

Candice and her friend since the 5th grade, we ate at 5 guys burgers it was 4 adults and 3 babies all within weeks and moths of each other, it was funny seeing them all together.

Ice skating I didn't fall but Candice did. I was really un sure and scarde on the ice but afte a while i did get eh hang of it and got better.

this was the day we left, Candice mom and sister were plying with the kids.

When we stopped to get gas we took the kids out of there seats and let them play they are so cute together.

here are some pictures of the kids playing once we got back, Abigail was ridding a Harley and Samuel was singing to her, they are such happy funny kids.


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

That one of her on the bike...omg she is a doll!

Sandra said...

Yeah you updated thanks

Sandra said...

Thanks for the update she is getting so big