Abigail turns one!

Here I am reading to Abby on her last night before she turns one. It's bittersweet.

Good morning my beautiful one year old!
Birthday girl breakfast, bananas and cereal!

After meeting the requrements to be forward facing we are excited to be ridding forward, here i was telling how she gets to sit from now on.
She is excited about this new seating arrangements!
For Abigail's birthday we went for at lunch at mamacitias, they sang to her, she got to wear a somberoo, (so did I) and try some sopapilla. We had invited a lot more people but they all had other obligations so our friends the Greens hung out with us.

After lunch we came home for a nap and then to open some gifts. I forgot to take some pictures of the gifts but thanks to all who sent some gifts or money to buy things for her, we really appreciate the thought.

Cake time!!!


Aunt manda said...

I still can't believe it, she is one. i remember sitting home and waiting for that phone call that she had arrived. and then the picture was finally sent and i was so happy. Love you all so wish you were home!!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I bet that diaper is going to look like a pinata!!! lol Looks like she a good day- thanks to her mommy! Cute cake.