Growing up.

Every day with Abigail is so special and so sweat I am so happy she is here, she is such a blessing in our life's. She is such a sweat spirit, she is so full of life. I love her so much. Every day when I hear her wake up she lights up when she sees me walk into the room, she gets so excited she literally jumps up and down, the only problem with that is she has 4 teeth on the bottom and two "carlsen" teeth on top so she had bitten her lip and bled pretty bad a few times I feel so bad for her, but I guess she might learn to stop sucking on her bottom lip that way.
She is growing so fast and learning so much I can hardly stand it, when she hears bye-bye she waves, when she hears give me kisses she makes kiss noises and when you say blow me kiss she will that, she has also a few times given the touch down signal. and when you ask her to hand you something she will, and yesterday in church she was sharing her teddy gram with he Abby cadabby doll. so sweet.
I cant believe a year ago, my dad flew hear to Texas to help Dustun bless Abigail in the church, how time has flown, how much she has done and how much she will do in the next year.
I cant how big she is, she loves food, any food all food, she is such a moocher if you sit down to eat she crawls over and smacks her lips for some. We are now no longer on bottles or formula. It is kind of scary because now you have to think about what to feed her to make sure she get all her daily food pyramids recommendations our normal breakfast is, hard boiled egg, a banana, and a whole wheat waffle, and a sippy cup of milk. lunch is a vegetable, a slice of bread with PB, or cheese tortilla, the other half of the egg, and milk, dinner she eats what we eat. The other night she ate, sweat potatoes, salmon, and peas, she loved it all.

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Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

They grow so fast! I am glad you are in enjoying here!