Utah visit day two

Day two of Utah:
On February 21 was Travis farewell talk, so we got up and got ready for church. There was so many people in the church house we had the over full of the over full open. Travis talk was very good, i am hoping to get a copy to put up here. I thought the talk was just like Travis, very spiritual with out it sounding like it, he had his little funny's in it.
A few family members skipped out after his talk so we could finish getting all the food ready. Once sacrament was over, the flood gates were opened, there was SO many people at moms house it was amazing to see all the family from both sides, church members, and friends and parents of friends show up in support of Travis. I would guess about 200 people. We all ate, talked laughed and enjoyed hanging out that's when i miss the family the most is when we have these get together.
I sent Abigail and Dustun to Amanda house to take a nap i could tell they were tired and over whelmed, they were able to nap for a few hours, when they got up and come back to mom and dads house it was just the family so we just hung out and talked and ate more, i swear i have gained like 5 pounds from all the meat, cheese, potatoes, pasta, cookies, brownies, fruits veggies and dips. good thing i am going to curves tomorrow.
Well Abby is asleep, and Dustun and I are going to relax and watch a movie then another "early" bed time.

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Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

It was so nice seeing you and your little family. Abby is getting so big!