Utah visit day five

Utah visit day five 2-24-10
Today Dustun, Abigail, and I meet up with my BFC (best friend cousin) to eat in Ogden at El Maditor, it was some good Mexican food, Abigail ate some re-fried beans some tortilla and enjoy making people laugh, what a cute, goofy kiddio.

After lunch we said good bye, the we decide we would go surprise out friend from Texas who now lives in Ogden, her kiddos have grown so much, it was nice for them to meet the last time we all hung out i was pregnant and we went to eat and saw twilight, so it was good to see each other, I wish we could live closer so we could do things together more often.

When we said good bye, Abigail fell asleep so we started to drive around, so we went and paid our respect to Dustun Grandpa Boyd who passed away recently, we were unable to go to his funeral, but it was nice to have some last words with him.
Abigail woke up soon after so then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Lowe, house they were tickled to see us and Abby, Grandma bought her an Madame Alexander doll, they played the piano, When Abigail was playing the piano, she spread her fingers and very lightly touched the piano, it was so sweet, who knows maybe she will really play when she gets older, then she ate some home made bread and jam, I am so happy to be able to visit with them.

Then when we got back into Brigham we had to do out Traditional bowling trip, this wil be the last one with all of us fro two years, it was fun, i suck but i still have fun, dad go the high score for the week, so he got his name on the board. Abagail did really well she loves being a part of the group, and watching and interacting with people, I love that about her! It was way past her bed time so me and her left and everyone else stayed and played another game. I am happy we can all go do something as a family.

Abigail was clapping for daddy.

Abigail sitting with T-Rex, in the min golf area.

Grandpa Doug and Abby, he was playing with her, it was so cute she kept throwing the pen down and laughing, love it!

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