Day six of Utah visit 2-25-10
I went to curves again this morning, I am really enjoying talking and working out with so many people, all i know is my tongue and lips should be quit thin form all the talking!
After my work out i went to do my hair, i got it colored with i love! The cut i am still getting use to it, i didn't mean for it to be so short, but it will be nice for hot Texas summer and it will always grow back. what do you think?

Since today was a "me " day Amanda, Abby and Dustun, all went shopping, i needed new shoes which i never found any i liked, but i did get a new pair of pants which rang up for 6 dollars almost 20 dollars off! and a shirt, Dustun did good he got two new shorts and shirts they are different then anything he has every had but i like it!
After the mall we saw that the "HOT" light was on, so of course we had to stop by and get our free doughnut, man those things are to die for! mmm

When we got home, I feed Abby alot of jarred food, she hasn't been eating very well, then she had a nice bath, and a baby massage, i laid her down hopping to have her sleep all night.
Amanda watched her while Dustun and I went out on a date night. we went to a local favorite Maddox, i had a rolls with there famous raspberry butter! seafood cocktail with jumbo shrimp and a turkey steak so so good! I miss this place when I am gone in Texas.

After dinner we went and got another Slurpee for dustun, he loves these things, he drinks it while he plays id DS. what a kiddo.

poor Abigail is having a rough time sleeping i feel so bad for her i hope when we get home she re adjusts.

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