Utah visit Day one

Day one of the Utah visit:
Dustun, Abigail and I all got up on February 20th, we finished packing loaded up the car and got ready for the airport. Candice took us there and walked us to the check out counter, there we loaded 4 bags and a pack and play. (travel light is not an option with a kid.)
going through security is a pain, you have to undress and take everything out of bags and strollers then they have to test your milk, then you have to redress and re pack all the while having the next person in line shoving you wishing you could move faster.
Then you have to wait to board the plan, then wait to take off, the your in the air for 2 hours with a kid that wants to move and wants to sleep, but screams while you have people looking at you like do something, and your looking at them like I am trying.
Our next stop was in Denver we had a two hour layover, I let Abby crawl around on the ground (immune building) as soon as I picked her up she passed out in my arms she slept for 40 min and was wide awake a ready to play to bad we were loading another plane to fly for another hour, that flight we had someone next to us and she has a bunch of (happy) energy.
When we landed in Utah we could feel the cold air i was excited, mom, Amanda Dustun, Abigail and I all went to eat, then we went to wal-mart so i could get a few essentials for Abby 83.00 dollars later (having a kid is expensive) we come home unpacked settled in to Amanda house, then we went to mom and dads house, poor Abigail we want to show everyone her new tricks but she was so tired and overwhelmed she just cuddled and stared.
Abigail and I went to bed early, Dustun went to his buddies house for his birthday party, so he come home later.
It was a good day, just long.

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