Utah visit day four

On February 23, 2010
I went to curves with mom, there was a lot of older ladies there today. It was nice talking to them, they all have stories of some sort.
After curves, mom, Amanda, Dustun, Abby and I all went to a newer Chinese buffet in Brigham and it was so good, i loved everything i put on my plate. Abigail on the other hand i must have pumped her up to much cause the last two days she doesn't want to eat anything, or drink her milk, i dont know what to do or why she doesn't want to eat, I figure I'll keep offering her food and when she is hungry then she will eat. After lunch Dustun Abigail and I went back to Logan for the afternoon, we met up with Bergen she offered to watch Abby while Dustun and I went out, so we took her up it, and we went shopping while she got to hang out with her auntie B.
once we got done shopping we picked up Abigail and we went to the Harley shop, and then to Grandma and Grandpa Prices house, it was so nice to visit with hem, she brought out some toys and Abigail pulled out one toy ant a time until it was almost all empty, then she did something she never has done before she put all the toys back into the container, it was so cute i wanted to cry, what a cutie. After she loaded up her toys she stood up and started to walk and push it around the room she was having so much fun laughing and smiling grandma and grandma really enjoyed having her. Grandma had made her a beautiful quilt, it was an early or late or when ever Christmas gift. Grandama has always mad blankets I have a couple from her, so this one will be a life long quilt that I hope she has her whole life.
Abigail passed out again we went over the canyon, she had her blankie and binkie and she was good.
when we got home we did some house work then Dustun played his DS while Amanda and I watch the stepfather. ( i also updated my blog and FB)
I hope tomorrow goes good, but I hope Abigail will eat a bit more.

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