Utah visit day seven: 2-26-10
Went to curves again today enjoyed it again I really will miss this when i go back to Texas.
after working out i did what i do best which is eat, we meet up with nancy and bergen and went to a local chineses restaurant after some bad service we left and went and has some really yummy Mexican food, it was nice to get together. After lunch we dropped nancy off at work and the rest of us went and visited grandma and grandpa Bartschi they really love her as if she was another granddaughter, when grandma was in the hospital Bergen visited her everyday she could, and for that i will be forever thankful.
we dropped bergen off and kept driving since Abby was asleep, we went up at hardware ranch i loved the drive through the canyon.

Abby woke up and she got her first red vine she was a sticky red mess but she was happy and oh so cute!
once we got to the ranch they were still doing the tours around the elk, so we bundled her up and got on the sleigh she did so good, she kept pointing laughing and talking to all the elk, i was so happy to do this with her it was family tradition for us to go out around new years and have hot coco and dough nuts.

we went back to the Carlsen house and hung out with everyone, we ate at the old grist mill which has the best cookies, mmm. i love listening to Doug playing the guitar and singing, Abby would sit there and dance i will always remember that, i wish i had a picture of all of us, maybe next time.
today was another great day.

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