And one more makes four

Well by the miracle of God, Dustun, Abigail and I are expecting a new little one!!!
I don't know how, nor why, but it is true, as I sit her thinking, praying, and thanking God for this new little miracle I am in aww of his powers and the things he can do.

It all started with on April 5th I was out for a walk with Abby, Samuel and Candice, when all of a sudden I said, "I feel pregnant" she asked why I felt that way I said I dont know how to explain it I just felt like I was. well for a week I had thoughts pop in my head but I would just push them far away I have had too many periods start and that would crush me I didn't want that to happen again well on April 11th I was thinking and talking out loud that I think a cute way to let my folks know I was expecting would be to buy Abby a "big sister" t-shirt. Candice asked if I was really thinking I was, I said, no it was just an idea for the future.
On April 12th 2010 it was the best day, I woke up at 8 to breakfast in bed Dustun had surprised me with Shipley's dougnuts and kolaches, then he said I could keep sleeping in. As the morning passed I could not shake the feeling of being pregnant so I went up to my bathroom and took a test. I prepared and prayed for strength "knowing" it was going to be a negative result, well it was not it was the quickest and brightest blue POSITIVE reading I have ever had, even with little miss Abby there was no is this or not, it was a for sure, well I was in shock I thought I was seeing what I wanted not what was real I run down stairs ask Candice what does this say? what does this mean? she said, "YOUR PREGNANT!!!" we run up stairs wake Abby up and go into the bedroom Abby gave the test to dustun he just sat there dumbfounded, but, but, how, what ???
Dustun and I get ready and go to the hospital to get a blood test that way we can get really excited.
At about 2:30 that afternoon I get a call saying I am pregnant, I am about 5 weeks and 2 days along, my due date is December 11, 2010.

We are all so excited, and we are praying for a healthy pregnancy, baby and delivery.


Good Morning

Well this morning started out interesting, It stared out with my friend calling me at 6:30 saying her car was broke into, I asked how did she know she said they left her doors open a bit and her middle console and glove box was open, she said they took her change maybe like 4 dollars. Then dustun came home about 7:00 and said our car was broke into. I rushed down stairs to see what they took, well they got Abigail's dvd player with her baby Einsteins baby sighns dvd, (which she was learning to sighn from) they took my old wallet that had nothing but a bunch of receipt and I have no idea what else, but they also took my current wallet with my military ID and drivers license and two debit cards 40 dollars plus other random items. Candice wallet was in the car too cause we went to the target that day so her stuff was gone too. They also stole her diaper bag , really a diaper bag!!! come on well on the bright side of things:
They didn't break the window
I had to update my DL to my current address
My military ID was about to expire
I got a new wallet out of this
I just paid my phone bill other wise I would have had a lot more cash
Abby's diaper bag was a used pink back pack they was given to me
The DVD player sounded as if it was about to die
And of course we are all safe.

The scary thing is they hit about 4 house that we know of all in one night. I hope they dont come back again.


Easter 2010

This easter was a good one it didn't really turn out like I had been planning but still a good one.
Abby and I watch some conference on the byu channel, then we got ready and went to church with Candice and her family, her mom dad and sister came down to visit. Abby did good and played well with her other little class mates, I cant wait till she is 18 months so she can go to nursery in our ward that will make church a lot less hassle for me.
After church i laid Abby down for a nap, I woke dustun up to have him help me, I put on my church CD Amanda had given me for Christmas, and we started to make, shake and bake chicken, stove top green beans and Funfetti cookies. After a 2 hour nap Abby woke up and we all had dinner together, after dinner I "hid" some easter eggs for her, I didn't think she would get it but she did as soon as i put her on the ground she went straight for the eggs and put them in the basket ( the one Grandma Joyce made last year for her) it was so cute, and it is funny to watch her crawl fast cause her butt wiggles .

After the egg hunt we hung out at the house for a bit the easter bunny was nice enough to give me a nap, after I woke up we went to the park and hung out it was such a nice day out.

Once we got done with that we came home gave Abby a bath and ready for bed, then we went for another family night walk. I was happy we were together for this easter, last year Abby and I were living in Utah while dustun was in Texas for school.


On 3-29-10
We were able to go to the zoo, I have everything packed and ready to go I was prepared or at least I thought so. Poor Abby hates being in her car seat and for what ever reason she ws really pissed today that she threw up I had to stop once on the side of the free way to clean her up and console her, then when caught up to John and Candice (who rode their motorcycles) she had thrown up again. I wasnt prepared, I had no change of clothes for her, so we left john and went to the px on Fort Sam base to buy new clothes, for Abby and me, since I picked her up it was on me too, once we were clean we went back and parked at he zoo. It was fun and we saw alot of animals I enjoyed being in the butterfly habitat Abby was unsure of the flying bugs but she did kind of want to touch them.

The bear was out and moving, he was cool to see him awake it seems they are always sleeping when we go to the zoo, I think he needs to go get a manicure look at his nails, ouchie. Even Abby was impressed.

These monkeys were so much fun watching swinging from side to side, man they can hold on and move, the mommy monkey even had a baby with her. I would like to be a monkey for a day!

Probably my favorite animal is the giraffe, I don't know why but i think they are beautiful.
this rhino was passed out asleep and along came Candice and made some weird noise ans it rose up and then and stated walking toward us, it was pretty funny.
I would have love to go feed these birds but the zoo was closing and Abby was not happy so we just sat by them and had the gets look at them, there colors are amazing!
Well once we got to the zoo it was fun and after the zoo we ate at cheesy Janes it was good again! so i guess it all makes up for the crappy start.


Abby and the gumball machine

This morning we were in the loft and we showed Abby how to play with her gum ball machine we only had to show her once and she was off. It was so cute watching her "get it" she would drop the ball in the machine and pushes the button to release it and she would get so excited. I love this little girl!

My Favorite Things

Soft baby legs and sweet smelling baby breath
Bright colored eyes and warm smiles
Fine blonde hair blowing in the wind
These are a few of my favorite things

Soft baby laughs and finger painting while eating
Crawling and cruising and playing peek-a-boo
Wondrous eyes looking at the world so curious
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites
When the bees stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

(may take on Julie Andrews song)