Easter 2010

This easter was a good one it didn't really turn out like I had been planning but still a good one.
Abby and I watch some conference on the byu channel, then we got ready and went to church with Candice and her family, her mom dad and sister came down to visit. Abby did good and played well with her other little class mates, I cant wait till she is 18 months so she can go to nursery in our ward that will make church a lot less hassle for me.
After church i laid Abby down for a nap, I woke dustun up to have him help me, I put on my church CD Amanda had given me for Christmas, and we started to make, shake and bake chicken, stove top green beans and Funfetti cookies. After a 2 hour nap Abby woke up and we all had dinner together, after dinner I "hid" some easter eggs for her, I didn't think she would get it but she did as soon as i put her on the ground she went straight for the eggs and put them in the basket ( the one Grandma Joyce made last year for her) it was so cute, and it is funny to watch her crawl fast cause her butt wiggles .

After the egg hunt we hung out at the house for a bit the easter bunny was nice enough to give me a nap, after I woke up we went to the park and hung out it was such a nice day out.

Once we got done with that we came home gave Abby a bath and ready for bed, then we went for another family night walk. I was happy we were together for this easter, last year Abby and I were living in Utah while dustun was in Texas for school.

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